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March 15, 2013


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Terri Marks

What is the other big bird that has been flying over their nest. Is it a threat to the ospreys? Now that I can watch them, I fear for their safety. Thanks.


Just saw a workman come into the picture. Check dam valve and depart

Darlene Nichols

Terri.... might be vultures.........they took over the nest after the ospreys left last summer


Looks like she doesn't want to share the dinner table.!


here in Iowa watching the alcoa eagle cam, I am used to the wind sound. great to hear train whistles in the background. so great to hear all the sounds from the dam. I so enjoyed seeing the lake in the winter time as we have had alot of snow here in Iowa. thank you for the addition of the audio on your cam.


The nest is looking really good. Does the wind blow all the time there?


They are such a treat to watch. Really beautiful birds! Thanks Alcoa!

Darlene Nichols

I am so delighted with the clarity and sharpness of the picture.....you've done a wonderful job with the improvements you've made this year..........love being able to hear them and by the time the babies hatch (if Oliveea would just get around to laying eggs) we're so close we'll be able to count the feathers on the chicks.......thanks for all you've done to make our viewing so much more enjoyable

Fred Collins

Just sat two men in a bass boat come very close to the dam. Seems dangerous.
Re wind noise, acoustically transparent foam microphone covers are used by newscasters, but I don't know whether they would stand up to rain and sunlight.


I am not seeing much nest building going on here. Seems like they should be much further along than this. I hope they are not building elsewhere, as osprey sometimes do.

Carol Halsey

Have a thought regarding your comment about dealing with the wind noise. I also watch the eagle cam from Iowa and have noted that wind noise doesn't seem to be an issue. Perhaps you could contact them for assistance? Just a thought.


Beautiful raptors these osprey. We had a sighting of one at a catfish farm I worked at. Never found the nest tho...


I agree with Judie. It doesn't appear that either Oscar or Oliveea are interested in building a nest. They are just standing on it and looking around.


Good morning,
I just saw arrival of a new branch at about 9:30 a.m. EDT. First time to see incoming materials!!! Lovely ospreys and nest. Cam is excellent! Thank you!

Fred Collins

Pouring down rain this evening. Maybe a good thing there are not yet eggs to take care of. Haven't seen Oscar all day. I guess he has done his part and is resting before having to fish for more mouths.


I do believe we have at least one egg on the nest, although I haven't seen it/them. Oliveaa spent her first night on the nest last night and I she's behaving like she's sitting on eggs -- wiggling and nudging things underneath her.


Oscar just brought Oliveea some breakfast. A nice little fish. Her favorite.


I agree with Jeanbean. I too believe there is an egg. Oliveaa has been fussing and Oscar just came in and he seems to be fussing as well.

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