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March 25, 2013


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Alcoa, Thanks so much for sponsoring this wonderful event. I just found out your nesting area. I have been lucky to see just a couple times these beautiful birds in my area just by chance. Am looking forward to watching the nest and the parents and what unfolds.

Darlene Nichols

Oh my, hang on Oliveea.......that cradle is rocking !!..Do I remember correctly that eggs hatch usually 30-35 days after being laid ? If so, that means we should start watching for eggs to crack around April 25 ?

Darlene Nichols

Are you sure there are eggs......? I didn't see any just now.4:09 edt and Oliveea was standing on the side of the nest. Is the "hole" they dug so deep that the eggs can't be seen ?



am wondering the same thing...

tried my best to see the eggs in the pic on the main page but not sure what I saw were "eggs"..

but then my eyesight is not what it used to be..lol..and I can't enlarge the pic to get a closer view..

as for the constant restreaming-rebuffering issues..think you are correct in stating it must be our computers..

still is puzzling however considering all the other webcams I watch work just fine..

always something..lol

Mary Williams

I saw at least one egg and others have too. It is that deep!

Darlene Nichols

Thanks for the egg confirmation.........I'm very happy to hear that.......guess we look for hatching around the end of April


I love the eagles and osprey. Thank you.
Alas, I cannot watch the live feed for the osprey nest on my iPad and I can watch the eagles. Is there a way to see the live osprey nest the same as the eagles? The iPad does not support flash.
Thanks again. What a treat.


Good thing these beautiful Ospreys don't get motion sickness...

Sure has been a lot of wind lately...

Glad to know others have seen the eggs...couldn't imagine Oliveea sitting on the nest that long unless she was incubating..

Anyone know a way to tell the difference between the couple?

Darlene Nichols

Side by side, the female is larger but since we more often see one at a time the most outstanding characteristic is the female's breast......it has what is called a "necklace".......there are lots of speckles or spots on her breast and while the male may have a few they are almost indistinct compared to the female


Thanks Darlene for the information :)

Steve Sloan

I love the osprey cam and check it many times each day. I am curious about two things: 1. What does the nest look like as viewed from the dam--it would be nice to see a picture looking at the nest from the dam. 2. What are all the things we see on top of the dam--I assume this is a power producing facility, but am curious as to what all of the things visable beyond the nest are. Thanks again for the cam. It is the greatest. Gives me many hours of enjoyment. Thank you to Alcoa and all the staff at Yadkin.


glad to see it is not windy today. thank you for providing the sound this year. really adds to the experience.

happy Easter everyone

Annie May

I've been checking in several times a day all this time and just saw one of the eggs for the first time when Oliveea stood up. You go, girl!


A question for those with more "Osprey Knowledge" than me...

Are these eggs early??

I also watch the Osprey Cams at Hellgate & Dunrovin in Montana and the osprey couples have not yet returned to their nest..

Thx for any info anyone can provide..

Janet Vice

I didn't see any eggs today when Oliveea stood up.

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