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March 13, 2013


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Thank you for responding concerning the sticks in the nest. Your explanation of the situation was much appreciated.

Lin Lawson

The Ospreys are happier!!! Good work!!! Thank you for listening and thank you for responding!!!


Thank you so much for all you do! It's much appreciated. I love being able to watch the Ospreys and learn about them. This is one of my favorite sites to recommend to friends, especially those with children.


I thought the whole purpose of this was to watch nature do it's thing and unfortunately, sometimes, nature is not very kind. It's a lesson in life that we all should follow - too much help and interferance does not guarantee good results. Independence is the key. The platform nest built for them was interferance enough. The sticks were NOT a good idea from the start. Here's hoping that they lay their eggs in the nest and all goes well for the chicks. I do enjoy watching them and think this is a vital website to teach everyone about nature.

Carol Halsey

I love to hear our ospreys making their calls. However, there seems to be a lot of background noise. Possible to fix?



They mated! At 12:16 EDT, they mated!

Darlene Nichols

The nest is so much more natural looking....thank you for your care and maintenance. Oliveea and Oscar have a good space tobuild their nest bowl now and I'm hoping we're going to have a successfull season of osprey watching.


I think it's really interesting to see how an Osprey vs the Eagle build their nests. Different as night and day. Enjoy watching both cams. Thanks!


So glad to see the Ospreys. Cannot wait for new chicks. It's quite windy out there today.


Thank you for listening, for the update, and for sharing these awesome birds with me/the world

Marcella Rich

Thank you for listening. My husband and I enjoy watching them build their nest and their mating. We also enjoy watching the Alcoa Eagles in Davenport. All "Eagle Eyes" are awaiting the arrival of their chicks any day now. Thank you again for this opportunity to witness nature.


The Ospreys were mating this morning, should be some eggs soon.


What date was the first egg laid in 2012?
Nest certainly looks as if it is almost ready.

Richard Rogers

It is quite windy I raised birds for years and I come to the same thought as you.Help just a little but let the birds do their thing and hope for seccess.Hope all goes well R.R.


Patience is a virtue but unfortunately mine is wearing pretty thin..

Really want to watch this beautiful Osprey couple but the continuous streaming-buffering problem is just way too frustrating & annoying..

Evidently myself (and I believe it was Darlene who also posted about this issue) are the ONLY ones experiencing this problem..

Darlene Nichols

I'll send another e-mail to the contacts I've made at Alcoa, Sher......perhaps they have info that would help us. It would also help to know if we are the only ones with the problem or some of the others are experiencing them and just not commenting. I,m sure Alcoa would like to know how widespread this is


Thank you so much for the audio! I had no idea how much it would add. Now when I'm outdoors and I hear the sounds of birds that I try to identify, I have another one to add to the list. Thanks so much for giving us this site - we can learn so much!


No issues on my end! I check in throughout the day. My 7 year old son loves to watch it with me. You all are doing an awesome job. Thank you for this amazing experience.


Thank you so much for your detailed message!!! this is a fabulous nest and I am so excited to have found it along with the other's that I watch and teach my 2 year old about. thank you also for your care and consideration. It is such a relief to know that you are there and care so deeply for these birds:)))

Jean Van Loan

April 22: why do i all of a sudden need Adobe flash player on my iPad? I've been viewing the cam fine, as well as the eagle cam before it was damaged, until now.

Very discouraged,

Jean Van Loan


We so truly enjoy your osprey cam. Thank you for sharing this awesome experience with the world. We shared a link to your cam on our website http://www.agalleryvisit.com/id198.html

Thank You !

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