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March 21, 2013


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Looks to me like she has laid, (on nest all night) 1 person on said she took picture but didn't know how to post it.

Rachel Gaines

Bless Oliveea's heart, as she is being blown to and fro in this blustery wind.
The nest seems to be holding together pretty good. Good job, Oscar and Oliveea!
I saw a vulture sitting on the railing watching her and then it flew off.
Hopefully she's sitting on some eggs now.

Darlene Nichols

Poor Olivia....that nest is rocking and her feathers are standing on end.....then she flattens out and the wind blows right over her (she's not dumb). If she is incubating eggs and it takes five weeks before they hatch I'm hoping the vultures will find a more promising place to hunt


I looked at the nest at 1:28p.m. and saw 4 whitish objects with reddish brown blotches on them. Both ospreys were standing on the rim of the nest; the eggs appeared clearly visible!


2 eggs,I think. How do I post screenshot?


Do vultures pose some sort of threat?...they are carrion eaters so cannot imagine they would attack adult ospreys..or eat eggs? I have seen as many as 5 vultures sitting around on the dam in the background.


Do you know how many other osprey pairs there are in the area, especially ones without nests? What about unpaired birds? I notice we had an intruder today, although I don't know if it was male or female.....

Lin Lawson

There was a intruder on the nest today. Scared Oliveea off the nest. Are there other Osprey nests close by and do you know if there are Ospreys without mates? Are there many or just a few pairs? Thank you and look forward to your answer. Lin Lawson

Mary Williams

The vultures didn't appear to bothering them as much as the other Osprey. One Osprey came to nest and both Oliveea and Oscar didn't like it at all.


I still cannot see eggs. This morning they were both standing around for quite awhile, eyes closed, enjoying the sun. Seems like they are still nest building, slowly (like I do my housework lol). If they had eggs, would they leave them so exposed and uncovered? Not because of the vultures, but because of the egg loving crows.

Darlene Nichols

I... don't think there are any eggs....I just watched them mate (again ! ) and now both of them have left the nest. Perhaps Oliveea is infertile this year.........maybe these aren't Oliveea and Oscar.......


From what I've seen, ospreys continue to mate throughout the season, to reinforce the pair bond. The frequency will drop off after egg laying, but it won't stop entirely. There could be eggs already. Is Olivia (sp??) a first time breeder? Sometimes females in their first breeding year don't protect the eggs as well as they should.....


You'll never see an egg in the nest...too many sticks.

California JC

If there were eggs in the nest, wouldn't their actions be more "care for" around the nest?

California JC



http://flic.kr/p/e5j5ho I hope this works...it is a pic I took today that shows what looks like 2 eggs underneath her


The Osprey that came to the nest may have been one of the "kids" they fledged last year! :)

Darlene Nichols

Last year I (and many others) watched Oliveea and Oscar tenderly care for and successfully raise three chicks......sometimes I feel like these two don't know what to do. Perhaps I'm too impatient but I frankly wonder if they aren't newcomers. ALCOA....do any of you/r employees who are familiar with the nest have such doubts?


Here is a video of Oscar and Oliveea as they warn off those vultures that continually harass them.




You always post such great videos..thx for sharing :)

Wish my video stream was that good and NOT constantly stopping & starting...an ongoing problem which I guess will never be resolved..

And the sound of the "calming" waters..:)

Darlene Nichols

@Sher........I can only conclude that there is something about our computers that is incompatible with the Alcoa camera........since no one else seems to have the problem I guess we are stuck with the constant buffering......annoying and irritating but apparently not something that comes from their end and so there's nothing they can do

Darlene Nichols

Regarding the vultures......last summer after the chicks fledged and all the ospreys left the nest the vultures took it over and made it their "home". I guess its not surprising for them to be coming back and I'm hoping they will eventually give up and move now that O and O have reclaimed it. On that note, has anyone seen what looks like an egg?


If anyone is also following the Estonian osprey Piret, she has started her migration back to her nest. She has left South Sudan, crossed Sudan, crossed Egypt, and is entering Syria. Still has a long way to go. Amazing birds, these osprey! I wonder where Oliveea goes in the winter.


she has to be sitting on eggs, she just did the shuffle to cover the eggs after standing up for a little bit. wish the sticks were not so deep and big so we could see them. sure was raining hard yesterday!! rain was rolling off of her back in big droplets.

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