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April 11, 2013


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Jane Purslow

What happened to the sound???


Excellent! Looking forward to the "name game" and, of course, seeing the new babies.


we enjoy naming the eaglets. I am glad we are going to be able to name the osprey babies. I like the zoomed in camera view. should get a real good picture of the babies when they come. thank you again for having this camera set up. I have really enjoyed it especially in the winter time when Iowa is covered in snow and see the land without snow in North Carolina.


Is there ever any sound on this birdcam?



I've been watching both the Alcoa Eagle cam and Osprey cam since last year. Both are so fascinating! I've learned so much and have recommended both to everyone I know who has an interest in nature and wildlife. Thanks so much to Alco for providing this window on a world I've only been able to read about.

Rachel Gaines

I have been looking in on both the Ospreys and the Eagles this year; and it is so great!
I introduced my ten year old niece to both of these sites last week, and she had mainly one word to say: COOL!
She really enjoyed watching the baby eagles, Honor and Glory; and I told her when to expect the baby ospreys to hatch.
It's thrilling to have a contest to pick names for the baby ospreys also.
Thanks, Alcoa, for this very enjoyable season of Osprey and Eagle watching.


I have been missing the sound also. Is it me or is something wrong with the cam?
Pictures are great. Second year I have been a follower. Thanks for the show.


Guessing they don't have the sound for this site like the eagles?

Bill Baines

Came to this site today after finding the Eagle Cam down.
This is great, but the Alcoa logo is very intrusive on the screen and covered on of the birds. Any chance of reducing the size, maybe at the bottom of the image?


WOW, these are beautiful birds, too. Can't wait to see what their little chicks look like!

Richard Rogers

Raising homing pigeons makes me very interesting with both sites I have always enjoyed nature-- mostly birds and the raptures most of all.

Richard Rogers

I am hopeing that the way the camera is located the young will be able to see when they are feeding

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