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April 11, 2013


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Knowing how weather can be so unpredictable, I hope the brunt of the winds miss this area entirely or, at least, have blown themselves out!

Rachel Gaines

I pray that everything will go well for all
during these terrible storms.

Rachel Gaines

It's Oscar sitting on the nest right now, then Oliveea just flew in with a large stick.
As she landed, Oscar grabs the stick in his beak; and they have a small tug of war with Oliveea still having hold with her foot, and Oscar pulling with his beak.
Maybe Oscar was afraid she was going to hit the eggs.
Anyway, Oliveea finally lifted it up over Oscar and placed it on the other side of the nest.
Oscar then flew off.


Happy to see no wind damage this morning. Oliveea seems annoyed by the crows flying around. I would be too. She is sooo pretty.


Would it be possible to zoom out a bit, that way we can see them oftem times, an others diving for fish. Thank you

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