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April 30, 2013


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great news but would be MUCH better if we could hear them!


CONGRATS to Oliveea & Oscar :)

Welcome to the World little ones :)

Darlene Nichols

Here's hoping the two O's are as successful this year as they were last year...........looking forward to many happy hours of watching the babies grow.......welcome to the world, little ones!!

Annie May

I've seen two little heads stick up. Must have happened last night! I think we should name the little birds of prey "Dick" and "Dean". :)


Here is a video of the two little ospreys as Oliveea feeds them. Oscar hangs around perhaps to offer assistance! It is going to be an exciting season for all of us Osprey lovers.
Thank you so much Alcoa for this wonderful opportunity!


Rachel Gaines

Yes, thanks Alcoa, for all you do to bring us this great time of Osprey watching.
We get to share in this wonderful event as the little chicks begin their lives and grow, while Oliveea and Oscar once more are starting parenthood.
Looking forward to the naming contest.
Have a great day, Oliveea, Oscar, and precious chicks.
Have a great day, everyone.

Pat bregant

Love watching Oliveea & she seems to look right at me!
But do wish I could catch her feeding the babies. Could you tell me about what time does this happen--are the feedings done on a fairly regular schedule?
Thanks so much!


There are 2 other Osprey live cams that are great to watch as well..

If anyone else is interested in the "links" or if it's okay to post them here...plz let me know and I'll post the info..

One nest has 1 egg just laid this week and the other nest has 3 eggs..


Another cute video of at least two Osprey hatchlings! Look for one to get upended trying to hang on to the fish Oliveea is offering!At the 1 minute 12 second mark in the video!



congratulations to the new parents!! love watching these two parents. hoping to see the offspring real soon. soon they will be big enough to see over the sticks. thank you to alcoa for bringing us camera


I saw 3 heads at feeding time 5/3 at 5pm est

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