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April 19, 2013


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Thnx for update

Carol C

Just had a switch. Dad brought in a fish & mom grabbed it & flew away. Carol

Darlene Nichols

@Alcoa..........just so you know......I don't find the logo in any way interferes with viewing the nest..........also, I've never watched a nest with a PIP so I don't know how helpful it will be.......the idea is great so long as the two O's don't decide to bring in more sticks. Have been seeing big black birds on dam's railing but they don't look like vultures.......crows maybe?


Sleepy little Oliveea, trying to nap.

Darlene Nichols

Looks like Oscar has fallen in love with pinecones...........the nest is beginning to look like its decorated for
Christmas.....just now brought another one in

Rachel Gaines

Yesterday I saw Oscar sitting on the nest.
Oliveea flew in and was ready to take her place on the nest, but Oscar seemed in no hurry to get up. In fact, he was trying to take a nap.
Oliveea starts to rearrange some large sticks; and she picked up one and placed it on Oscar's back. That did it! He finally moved and Oliveea quickly settled down on the eggs.
Even though I haven't seen a chick, I notice they both keep looking down while sitting.
Time is getting close, so we never know just when the precious little chicks will pop their heads through the shells as if to say, "We're here, hello Mom and Dad".

Darlene Nichols

This is the week for the eggs to hatch ! Although all seems quiet at the nest now be sure to check in often for signs of the first baby's arrival

Rachel Gaines

Oliveea is looking beautiful in the sunset this evening.
It's cute how she moves her head from side to side.
Have a nice night, Oliveea and Oscar.

Dee Kimmel 6

Did anyone get video of the last switch tonight? When Oliveea was settling in she picked something up and it appeared to be dripping.


At 6:11 pm I see a chick


What is the status of the microphone??


lose the giant spam logo, and the little picture in picture thing is worthless. just my opinion and your mileage may vary

Richard Rogers

Do we still have a nest?

Rachel Gaines

Oscar just brought Oliveea a fish and she flew off with it.
He has settled down on the nest.
I can't see if the chicks have arrived yet.
Good morning, Oscar and Oliveea.
Hope this is the day

Rachel Gaines

I'm beginning to think that there are chicks by the way Oliveea keeps looking down; and just now I saw her reach down and pick up something wet.
Hope they have hatched


Rachel..I'm inclined to agree with you..

however with that deep nest and the way it's
built up around the edges..the chicks will have to be pretty good size before we see anything ;)

is everyone else WITHOUT sound as well??

Carol C

I think I just saw her feed one. Just came on & noticed that.Carol

Darlene Nichols

Can you believe what those two have done to the nest to prevent us from seeing the eggs/babies? Talk about ungrateful.........we're ready to "ooh and aah" as we watch and they've made it almost impossible to see...........on the positive side, babies will have a hard time climbing that nest wall and falling out so we don't have that worry


the camera is way to low to see anything besides Oscars head ;-(


We have at least 1 chick this morning! Saw Oliveea feeding it at 7:22 AM.


She was feeding this morning. Saw one chick taking bite from her.


There clearly is at least one chick in the nest this morning, April 29.


Why does this feed buffer every 30/40 seconds? Since Eagle Cam down, I been watching MNBound Eagle Can, by BBC, it never buffers, an if you choose to pay a small fee, yoInternet Feed/Camera. Wow!u can get no ad's, an feed is on 24/7, no resets every 10 minutes. It's us viewers that

Darlene Nichols

I remember several weeks ago watching Oscar digging in the nest bowl and just seeing the top of his head when he would nestle in to try it out..........those eggs were so deep we may never see the babies until they are ready to fledge ! (for those of you who are so literal, I'm joking).......as I said before, tho, they are not in danger of getting blown off


Why does the feed keep buffering on my computer? Is this "normal" for your feed? It makes it very hard to watch.


David & Carol...

I have also been experiencing this re-buffering & re-streaming problem this entire viewing Season...

Supposedly Alcoa was going to address this problem but I never heard anything back..:(

The sound is also gone as well..

It is very annoying & takes away from the enjoyment of watching this Osprey family..

however I still check in from time to time..

On a positive note..if it's true..YAY for 1 baby chick :)

Mrs. Z

We were watching today about 1:00p CDT and it sure looked like, to us, that Olivea was feeding not only the one chick we could see, but possibly another that was out of sight behind the nest wall.


probably late, but just spotted a chick! only saw 1 (4/29/13)

Sam Brookfield

Definitely feeding two (2) chicks.

Darlene Nichols

I can confirm previous viewer that there are two (2) chicks........don't know if there are more or not but I saw Oliveea feeding them, also.

Rachel Gaines

Congratulations, Oliveea and Oscar, and welcome little chicks.


Hello. I managed to get some pictures of the chicks and of Oliveea picking up a broken egg shell. The last three picture have the chicks near the middle of the nest. They are kind-of hard to see though.
Picture 1: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz1Sdeu-QG6Iamg2ZVVRemttLWs/edit
Picture 2: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz1Sdeu-QG6IZ2JzWXlaUmRhRUU/edit
Picture 3: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz1Sdeu-QG6INnJCQmQ4QkdNVWc/edit
Picture 4: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz1Sdeu-QG6ITDAtN3B3V1FLS2c/edit


Here is a link to my video done at 3.40 pm this afternoon.

'Oliveea & Oscar Have A Beautiful Baby!' 3:40 pm EST _4.29.13_ http://youtu.be/L9YlTNBIU1s

Marcia Lefman

How come she is panting today. Her beak is open and you can see her back raise & lower swiftly.


It is almost useless to watch this site. It continues to buffer and no sound. Can't follow what birds are doing with the constant start and stop motion.


Erika...THX for all the pics :)

Carolyn...THX for the video :)

Great to know there is now a new Osprey "Family" :)

Marcia Lefman

I just saw her snuggling one baby, but can't see how many yet. She was trying to get comfortable again. Moving leaves around, etc.



if you are so unhappy with this site..Don't complain just go somewhere else.. Many of us are happy here and will take the good with the bad..

Carol C

Just got on & was feeding a chick. Couldn't tell how many either. Only saw one. How exciting. Eagle cam is back on at Alcoa but a different one at a diff angle. Won't be able too see them all the time. YaY!!Carol

Carol C

Marcia. They pant when it's hot. Eagles do the same thing. It's there way to cool off.

Darlene Nichols

Cherrycarol.......when you look at the picture of the nest, notice the little symbols underneath and on the right.......click on the square with a dot in it (to the left of the microphone) and that will enlarge pic to full screen



NO need to be "nasty" just because someone is having problems with viewing the site..

I can relate and the only way Alcoa knows & PERHAPS can fix the issue is if we relay the problems..

Can't understand why EVERY "unmoderated" site has to eventually have nasty comments..

It doesn't take any more effort to be NICE..

Can't we all just try to get along...Geez

Rachel Gaines

It's feeding time at the nest; and I saw the tops of the little chicks' heads as they were reaching to get the food from Oliveea. They are so tiny that Oliveea has to reach way down to feed them, especially since the nest is so deep.
Good morning, Oliveea, Oscar, and chicks, even though it is a wet one right now.


spotted 2 chicks today.

S. L. Popejoy

I just realized they have no water to drink. Is that an okay thing?

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