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April 05, 2013


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Darlene Nichols

Again, I can only check in periodically but I haven't been seeing any vultures. Have they finally given up and moved on -or- am I just missing them ?

Georgina Cowie

Thanks for the background info.


Thank you for your beautiful description of the area where the Ospreys nest. Alcoa has done a wonderful job protecting the area. There's nothing more beautiful than natural habitat with flourishing wildlife - in my humble opinion. Thanks Alcoa!

Rachel Gaines

Thanks for the info, Alcoa.
I had been wondering just where this beautiful area is at.
What a wonderful place for Oliveea and Oscar to raise their families each year.

Rachel Gaines

As I was looking in this time, Oscar was sitting on the nest trying to catch an afternoon nap while Oliveea stretched her wings to get lunch. She returned and they both started to chirp loud. As they kept chirping, I heard another osprey in the distance answer them.
I also saw a heron fly by.
It's a nice, peaceful afternoon.

Carolyn Groves

Thank you Alcoa for the interest you have shown in protecting the wildlife and in allowing us to view this family of Osprey. It is aweome to watch, an now to hear, Oliveea ad Oscar.

Lin P

Thank you for the information on the dam and the area. I have never visited this part of North Carolina and it's really interesting to 'hear' what it's like and to get some of the history. Love watching the nest and whole area!

Darlene Nichols

When I read the description of the area and watch the nest the only word that comes to mind is tranquil. I would love to trade places with the two O's an just sit for awhile..........look and listen.....so thanks for the next best thing


thank you for the background information. it is such a beautiful place. I have enjoyed the pictures of what the osprey see from their nest. anxious to see the eggs hatch and I am enjoying the sound this year. thank you again for allowing us to see this wonder of nature.


Thanks Alcoa for the background info. I lived in NC once for about 10 years, in the Charlotte/Huntersville/Davidson area. It is the most beautiful state...the most beautiful...and Oliveea and Oscar have chosen well.

Barbara Freiberg

I saw a vulture today perched nearby and both parents are unhappy today. I also thought I saw a bald eagle near this nest too today.


I really hope the eagles haven't decided to prey on this nest. Ospreys really can't defend against eagles. I hope that the eagle was looking for an easier meal, though - fish! The Ospreys can't win but I'm sure they won't make it easy.


Here is a video taken around noon, when an another Osprey flew a bit too near the nest for the peace of mind of Oscar and Oliveea, even though the Osprey seemed to be interested only in transporting his fish somewhere else, Oscar was certainly not encouraging him to make a pit stop on the nest!



I see that the video link did not post as a hyperlink,so I am afraid that you will have to copy and paste the link into your browser address bar and "enter" to be able to access it. I thought the previous video links that I posted for you had come up as hyperlinks that you could just click on. I will try to get some information about that.


I think I discovered the problem of the video link, I had signed in on my typepad account and the link did not post, so I will repost without type pad so that you are able to click on the video link without needing to copy, paste.



Thanks Carolyn. That was an awesome video! Oscar is a brave protector.

Rachel Gaines

This morning I see Oliveea in the sunrise with five vultures on the railing right beyond her.
She is chirping and watching them closely; and I know Oscar is keeping his eye on them too.
Good morning, Oliveea and Oscar
The audio seems to be down this morning.


It is 7:17 CST and I count 8 vultures. They seem to be enjoying the rising sun. I do appreciate the location of the camera. It is very nice to see the area around the nest. Thanks again.

Gill Marshall

I wondered if they were vultures so thanks for confirmation MMA


strange, the lights at the dam are not on tonight. really dark, thank goodness the sound has been fixed. thank you carolyn for the video.


Audio problems again??

NO sound for me :(

Rachel Gaines

Looking in this morning, I see Oliveea sitting on the nest with four vultures on the railings behind her.
All of a sudden Oscar swooped down at them, and kept swooping until they flew away.
Good job, Oscar!

Rachel Gaines

It's a hot and windy afternoon for Oliveea.
Hang on, girl!

Carol Halsey

I'm not hearing any sounds. Is it working properly?



I posted the same question on Tuesday afternoon...NO reply from anyone..

Anyways...still NO sound for me...

Does anyone "in charge" read our comments/questions??????

Rachel Gaines

Oliveea is sitting in the sunrise on this beautiful spring morning.
There's a few black birds walking about behind her.
She moved a big stick and placed it more on the outer edge of the nest.
Good morning, everybody.


what happened to the sound? and why so much bufferin, so I know it's not meg, I have 12 GB ram


Otter cam would be so much fun!!!

deborah troutman

we have seen a new nest across from alcoa's office up on a power pole. does anyone know if this is a new osprey nest? we are watching from a distance.please reply back.

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