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April 01, 2013


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Bob  Martin

The view of the nest is breath-taking. We are watching an eagle's nest in Florida and the young ones can take short flights of only a few feet to start with. it looks like these youngsters will get only one chance to get it right the first time.

Leah Robak

Cool idea with the zoom-in close-up of eggs within the other feed! A great educational experience!

Darlene Nichols

What a really interesting view to have the insert/close up...........I loved the angle last year when we were able to see the water and occasional boaters and fishermen but this will really zero in on the babies as they hatch and grow. Great changes Alcoa, thank you !


what a beautiful view. cannot wait until the eggs hatch.


thank you for fixing the sound. glad to have it back.


Oh, thanks so much for the split view and the sound as well. The Alcoa people have been so gracious in both this view as well as the Eagle cam. Thanks for sharing both of these beautiful birds and their families with us, up close and personal!

Mary Williams

7:07 a.m. 4-2-2013 and cam is still down.

Rachel Gaines

I'm not able to get a viewing right now either. It's 9:06 am EST.
Great shots of the eggs and the area.
It is so beautiful there and peaceful looking.
Happy Springtime, Oscar and Oliveea.


8:30 CDT and cam is back on


No wonder they come back every year....absolutely breath-taking!! :o)


Much nicer view, I would like to see more of that. you get a better feel for the beauty of the area.


WOW!!! I did not realize how high up that is! Kudos to the folks that go up there to work on the camera or to check on things before the ospreys come back. YIKES


I'm curious about the Alcoa dam at the Yadkin Narrows (the nest site). How old is the dam? It's such a beautiful location. I imagine there is a lot of wildlife in that area. Thanks so much!

Janet Vice

Today when Oliveea stood up, I could not see any eggs. And the male looked like he noticed it and tried to mate with her. Are there eggs there or not?

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