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April 02, 2013


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I so wish I could see those 2 eggs I read about, I watch and when M&D change I see nothing :(


Thanks for work you do on this site. I am impressed with the quality of the video and the stability of the connection. Do you have two cameras? I have an inset in the lower, left corner.


I like the PIP.


thank you so much for this site. love watching the birds from alcoa, eagle and osprey.

Rachel Gaines

What a beautiful chorus Oliveea has to listen to while she sits on the nest!
All of the birds singing together is just awesome to hear.
I think I heard Oscar's chirps; so maybe he's bringing breakfast.
Thanks Alcoa for the PIP and the audio this year so we can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in this early spring.

Darlene Nichols

Is Oscar bringing Oliveea food? Has anyone seen him do it or is he giving her a break so she can fish? I tune in intermittently and have never seen her eating ! Worrisome...........


Finally, thanks to the PIP, I saw one of the eggs when she moved it around. This morning she is arranging sticks around her as she sits, and is still peeling bark. Looked like she had a large piece of green moss-covered bark she removed from under her. She has such a pretty face.


Saw Dad come visit, but didn't bring fish. Stayed about 5 minutes. She didn't try to give up her spot so she must not be hungry but he is flying around close because you can hear him calling and she answers and watches. The crows seem pesky this morning. I can't take screen shots because of the constant buffering. Is she eating that green stuff or spitting it out?

Darlene Nichols

Well I guess I can stop worrying because Oliveea just returned to the nest with her head feathers all standing on end (wet) and Oscar got off the eggs..........she's now nestled in for her shift...this is about 10:45 am est

Rachel Gaines

It's great that they are both taking turns sitting on the nest while Oliveea gets something to eat.
Right now it is a peaceful morning; and it looks like Oliveea is trying to get comfortable.
I hear a few other birds singing and Oscar nearby.
Have a beautiful morning, Oliveea and Oscar.

Barbara Freiberg

I have noticed that yesterday and today there is no sound.I know it is not my pc as I am watching a couple of bald eagle nests also and I have sound on those. Also something seems to be threatening these two today. I saw a vulture perched nearby earlier and I think I saw a bald eagle too. These 2 are not happy today. I hope they keep safe.

Mary Williams

4-8-2013, No sound yesterday and no sound so far this morning. Is this still part of the technical difficulties to be resolved or something new you aren't aware of?


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