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April 12, 2013


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Thank goodness Oliveea and Oscar were able to survive the storms, they could have been so much worse. Thank you for providing us with this 'eye' on nature.

Jason Woodcox

Yesterday, my daughters and I were watching. We could see a lot more of the dam and some of the shore, beyond. As we watched the turkey vultures were harassing Oliveea. She’s pretty cool about them. We could see pigeons on the high water side of the dam. Later, two of the vultures perched on the rail on the down side of the dam. Today the zoom ratio seems very different. It is much tighter on the nest. A lot of the background and the drama is not in the frame.

Darlene Nichols

Thank you for the update regarding the microphone.........it adds so much to the experience to be able to hear as well as see. Those darn vultures just don't give up, do they?


Good news all around! Thanks for keeping us posted!

Tammy Laughlin

Please do not disturb the nest area just to install a new microphone. We appreciate the thought but no thank you.


Bloody well the best thing I have seen in years, must watch ..

Osprey makes return from 5,000-mile trip



i have been watching the eagle nest since october. it consumes me. now the camera has been down for days. can someone give me a short or detailed comment on what is now happpening. are there eggs?

Darlene Nichols

@David........just watched the video you provided.....these birds are incredible, aren't they ? Do you know if they have a camera on that nest or was the video done simply as a news story ?


thank you David for your video. such an amazing story and information. did not know they traveled such long distances.


This is a link to several stories about them, I think the nest is on a wildlife preserve.

Fred Collins

Does Oscar make a long journey? Perhaps like the proverbial railroad brakeman does he have a girl friend at each end of the line?

Rachel Gaines

So glad they are safe; and I hope they do okay through all of these experiences.


No microphone, no problem. I've heard wind and I don't speak Osprey. :)


On the bank of the water, is that a building or some type structure falling into water?

Darlene Nichols

Whichever O is on the nest looks very relaxed and sleepy..........this waiting for peeps is "hard" to do !

Darlene Nichols

Don't remember any building on the bank (altho Alcoa may be better able to answer) but its obvious a tree has fallen down........must have occurred last week in the storms

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