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April 16, 2013


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Oscar or Oliveea seem to feel the need for a safety railing for the young'uns. :) Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Thanks so much for all you do!


Love these beautiful birds. I appreciate Alcoa for your time and effort in bringing this nest cam to us.

Rachel Gaines

Oliveea seems to be trying to rearrange the sticks. Hopefully she will place the large one in another spot.
I guess she is fixing it up and trying to make it safer since it's getting close to the chicks hatching.
Good morning, Oliveea
Good morning, Alcoa, and everyone


It seems dad was trying to break up that big stick in front of the camera. He was standing on it and bouncing, then he got off and chewed on it. What is that other long stringy thing running under and out both sides of mom? She was trying to break it off but it wouldn't break. Dad had his foot caught in it once, on the camera side of her. I hope it is only twigs or grass, and not wire, but it sure is bouncy.


They switched at 7:42 a.m. Such good parents!

Fred Collins

Olivette sure is frantic about rearranging the nest. Can't figure out what she's up to.
The vultures were perched on railings this morning but are gone now.


Too much advertising on screen prohibiting us from seeing the whole picture including the osprey's face.


Can the picture in picture be turned off now that they've built the nest up so much? I appreciate all Alcoa does to allow us to see these birds (ospreys and eagles). Sorry to hear the eagle cam got blitzed by lightning.


Is it possible for you to zoom out like before, then we can see when birds dive for fish. T/Y


Every day when I visit I can see changes in the nest. Seems they have removed that big stick that was blocking the camera view, and those wirey sticks/grass that ran across the nest. They sure do a lot of furniture re-arranging. :)


Pretty sure I saw a wobbly chick head pop up when Oliveea was off nest 4/18/13 9:30 Atlanta time.

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