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May 30, 2013


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Thank you for having the Ospreys on here,we sure have enjoyed them.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I am sure it is hotter where they are with the sun reflecting off the equipment. I see them panting. I do hope that things get easier for Oscar, Jr.


Is dad bringing enough food? Fish doesnt seem to be in big enough supply, hope he doesnt have another wife and kids somewhere :(

Julie Mott

Dad hasn't supplied as much food today and the fish have been smaller than in the past - he needs to increase his fish deliveries. Chicks are growing so fast now - they need almost a whole fish each at every feed.

Julie Mott

10 days ago I really didn't think Jnr would survive ..... am so pleased I was wrong. Go little man, keep on fighting for survival .... you've stolen a lot of hearts on here :-)

Rachel Gaines

It is such a nice treat to be able to view these beautiful ospreys.
Thanks, Alcoa, for giving us this special time in our spring and summer.

Rachel Gaines

One of the cutest things I have seen while watching Olive, Ollie, and Oscar Jr is when all three of them are looking up at Oscar when he is circling the nest. Their heads are all turning together in a circular motion as their gaze follows him.
Another is when they are swaying their heads from side to side. One of the bigger ones was doing that while looking at the camera the other day.
It's like it was saying,"How do you want me to pose?"
So cute!


Checked in this morning at around 630-ish. Lots of wing and leg stretches done by the trio.

I just came back to view the nest...it is now 740pm(EST).

Did anyone see if they got any fish meals today?

Fred Collins

This site is so busy I find it hard to get on. Does anyone else have trouble?
I suppose there is a limit as to how many hits the site can handle simultaneously.


No, haven't experienced trouble viewing the nest.

Darlene Nichols

Mari.......it is VERY unlikely that Oscar is supporting another nest somewhere.....he and Oliveea have been a very devoted pair for several years and they are very experienced in raising their brood...........Fred......I have not been having any trouble getting on the nest site........if your computer is working O.K. perhaps you are experiencing problems that are weather related -or- you might try shutting down altogether and re-booting.


I haven't had a problem getting on the site. Just fyi. And would like to say thank you to Alcoa for providing this website and the environment where wildlife can thrive. I've learned so much about Osprey eagles.

Carol C

Looks like mom is calling for dad. Jr is looking at mom like I'm hungry!!

Darlene Nichols

Oliveea and the chicks are on very intent on watching the water side of the nest......haven't seen what interests them but it could be Oscar as they don't seem to be alarmed.....hoping for a fish, maybe ?


So great to see all three chicks lined up eating together peacefully!

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Monday evening, 7:30 New Orleans time--was so happy to see them get up after a driving rain, shake themselves off and then Liberty kept calling for Oscar to bring food. I got to see the five of them in the nest and the little ones feeding peacefully with Oscar, Jr. being the first to get food. Bravo, what a treat.


The "little ones" are growing leaps & bounds and all look healthy :)

Beautiful Osprey Family :)

Coleen Perilloux Landry

7:15 p.m. New Orleans time-Liberty called for almost an hour and Justice finally arrived with a fish. Jr. did not get any of it, not one bite. You can tell how hot they are, panting with their mouths open. I am sure a cool fish is refreshing and hydrating.


@Coleen...do you mean Oliveea & Oscar..this Osprey couple at this live nest cam??

Am a bit confused when you said Liberty & Justice...those are the 2 eagle parents at the Alcoa Eagle nest cam..

Anyways..just wanted to make sure I knew which couple/parents you were referring to ;)

Rachel Gaines

It's breakfast time this morning, and all are getting their share.
There's a group of black birds in the background; and Oliveea is keeping her eyes on them while feeding to make sure they don't get too close.
Olive, Ollie, and Oscar Jr are more beautiful every day as their feathers get fuller.
Have a good day, all

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