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May 20, 2013


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Rachel Gaines

Congratulations, Ollie, Olive, and Oscar Jr, on your new names.
Thanks, Alcoa and Badin Elementary students, for this fun poll.


Wonderful names for beautiful bird's! I certainly agree that Oscar, Jr. is perfect for little one! They are growing so rapidly!

Kathy Thornton

Actually, Oscar, Jr should be the bigger one. Olive fits the small one. Just sayin!!


Befitting name for the little one finally got a good feeding.


Wonderful to see Oscar with a full crop.


correction, Oscar, Jr.


I also was happy to see Oscar, Jr. get a good feeding this morning. He is learning survival skills in the nest, which will give him an advantage after he fledges.

Darlene Nichols

Students did a good job picking out great names.....thanks, kids. I'm afraid I'll still think of them as "terminator" and "runt" until the little one grows big and strong enough to really whomp the big one ! The middle chick seems to stay out of any confrontation

Darlene Nichols

I also wanted to mention to SAMI.....I've never seen that camera angle........do I just not tune in at the right time......I watch so many nests I don't stay on one for long periods of time

Rich Swanson

OJ is obvious, but which one is declared Ollie and Olive?

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I was never a fan of the name, Junior, but it fits the little one well. Thank you Alcoa for giving me the opportunity to see these birds from birth. I photograph wildlife in Louisiana but have never had the chance to photograph Osprey chicks, only the adults. This is a real treat.


That was quite a "race" in the voting for the names....:)

Even tho I'm still having the constant re-streaming & re-buffering issues I still continue to stop by & check on this sweet family :)

Lin P.

Great names! I agree that the baby should be "Jr.". I notice that with warmer temperatures, the chicks congregate at the "lake" side of the nest more and more often. Is it possible to change the camera focus to not quite so close up? This way we could see the entire nest. Thanks for your consideration. Love this site either way and have shared the website with many friends. Alcoa does a great job!

Carol C

Oscar Jr. is perfect for the little one. So happy he's doing better. Sometimes it takes them awhile to figure things out. Now u need to tell us who the other 2 belong to. Carol

Carol C

Mombrella for the chicks. Keeping them dry.


I have to quit looking in on this nest. What I see happening is too sad to watch.


I have come to loathe the big one's way of bashing the small one, even when food is not involved, and nicknaming him Terminator is to me pretty tasteless. I wont look again unless the little one makes it through the next few days. I know it is nature, but its also ugly too.

TL Cissell

Looks like 'Dad' needs to begin to help during feeding time to make sure Jr. starts getting some share of the food! Otherwise, Mom gets overwhelmed by the 2 larger ones.

Barbara Gagliardo

My first try on this link. Hope it works!


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