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May 14, 2013


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Rachel Gaines

It is a warm afternoon as Oliveea and chicks try to take a rest.
It's such a joy to watch these beautiful birds.

jim konopacki

such great pictures and the chicks are so nice


I'm afraid the little one isn't going to make it if the two older ones keep picking on it!!

Carol C

Up & looking around. WOW They have grown soo fast. # 3 is really small compared to the other 2. The runt always gets fed last. So cute!!


The middle chick is not being fed. He is so tiny and is scrambling to be fed. It's hard to watch.


Only see two chicks this morning. May 15th 8:30 a.m.


Why is Alcoa doing nothing to help the third chick who will clearly die from lack of food and abuse from its sibling?!


Alcoa isn't 'helping' the littlest chick because it's survival of the fittset out there.
Don't like it? Don't watch.


OUCH! Talk about sibling rivalry! Even just watching hurts.

Mary Williams

survey to vote for names is closed this morning . If my names don't win, it will be because I couldn't vote. I am voting for Ollie and Olive and Jr.


5/1/13 6:41pm I only see one chick getting all the food. Sometimes another. What happened to the third little chick?


I am unable to subscribe to the comment feed. Is it a live feed or just comments being left?

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