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May 15, 2013


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Darlene Nichols

Oliveea is shading the babies and getting some ventilation herself............at least there appears to be a little breeze but its probably hot air since they're in the sun. Two days ago we had morning frost and I was wearing a sweat shirt......today, its 87 degrees outside.......you just can't win !!


the babies are so big. am anxious to find out the names picked for them. thank you for getting the audio fixed. it seems they are outgrowing the nest. thank you alcoa for all you do for us enjoying checking into the site every day!!


the bigger ones are starving the little one. Will this continue until he's dead?


why do the 2 bigger birds pick on the small one?


It is looking increasingly like we are going to see the smallest chick either starve, or be pecked to death in front of our eyes. Can nothing be done?


Pecking of the small one is very hard to watch!

Fred Collins

Last yeras eagle chicks showed the same agressiveness to the runt, but he was scrappy and survived. I watched a feeding yesterday and Olivetta fed the runt a lot after the two big ones were full. It's nature at work, folks. Survival of the biggest, strongest, fittest!

Betty Link

Why do the larger birds continue to peck on the smallest one, and not allowing it to eat. This is so sad...


I thought the killing of a sibling was a way to survive when there was a food shortage. Seems like plenty of food. Looks like they are just mean! Can't watch this "bullying" anymore!

Darlene Nichols

I just watched the little one get a feeding..........he is getting food and as soon as he grows bigger he'll start pecking back and they will pretty much all get along. Nature isn't always kind !....and as Fred said earlier......it's survival of the fittest. Someone, somewhere called the oldest one the "terminator" and I thought that was a good name for him


What are the large whitish fish That Oscar has been bringing to the nest?

Fred Collins

ALCOA, it would be nice to zoom the camera out a bit now that the chicks are bigger and more action is at the sides of the nest. Is this possible? Thanks.

Rachel Gaines

It is hard to see how the bigger chicks are bullying and pecking on the smaller one, especially at feeding time.
As I watched them, the biggest ones were even pecking at each other.
Sibling rivalry at it's worst, mainly for the food.
I looked in at them a little later and the little one was finally getting to eat after the big ones were good and full, and taking a nap.
It was a mighty big fish; so there was plenty to go around.
Fortunately the little chick got full enough that when Oliveea was holding some food in front of him, he refused to take it, so Oliveea eat it herself.
So glad to see that precious chick eat!

Darlene Nichols

Oliveea is in full mombrella mode.........babes are all shaded and mom has her feathers fluffed to cool herself. Have you noticed how the voting has changed so much ? Someone mentioned power voting the other day.........certainly looks like that has pushed the 2nd choice into first place !

Rachel Gaines

What a good mother Oliveea is by shading her little ones on this hot afternoon.
You are doing a fine job, Oliveea!

Caren Graves

Why are the babies being so mean to the youngest baby. Sometimes it is hard to watch to see them picking on it. Is that normal?

Fred Collins

Interesting that almost everyone calls the runt he or him. The female adults are bigger than the male, and we all know that in many species the females are the most aggressive. Hence the term hen-pecked.

Carol C

Caren It is normal for bigger sibling to peck at the younger ones. I was just watching & didn't see the runt. The other 2 were getting fed & finally he popped up. But never got fed. :( This happens a lot when there r 3. But the Alcoa eagles had 3 last year & it was the same way. But that little guy Spirit made it!!


The small one is a worry, mother wont feed it unless it displays begging behaviour, and the large monster will not allow it to do that.

Mrs. Z

Little guy just climbed over big guy to get to his share of the food, and when big guy gave him the stink-eye, little guy rared up and chomped him right in the face. It seems little Guy's had all he's going to put up with! ;)


Has anyone seen the little one eat today?


I tuned in around 130-ish(EST) and I could see the oldest chick with a slight bulge to its crop. The little one crop wasn't distended :-( I am guessing that food isn't as plentiful as we would like.


631am(EST)...dad brought a small fish and the two older sibs are being fed. The youngest isn't making any attempt at trying to get some breakfast. Sadly, I don't have any hope that it will make it through the day. It appears to be weak from lack of food :-(


Glad to see that I was wrong..phew. C3 was able to get some breakfast! C1 moved away, allowing it to join C2 and get food. Dad briefly stopped by with another small fish but left with it.

Darlene Nichols

It appears that there are some new nest decorations that Oscar brought.........he is determined to brighten the home up...........unfortunately, he dropped them on the WRONG side of the nest and now its more difficult to see the babies........ospreys love "junk" in the nest !


133pm(EST) all chicks were fed twice today. C3 is taking more of a defensive posture and sometimes attacks C2 who retaliates. Dad stopped by and did a bit of nestoration. There is a large branch of dried leaves lying on the right side of the nest.

C3 reminds me of a chick called Flag who was the youngest of 3 chicks at the DPOF nest. Flag was bullied by the other 2 sibs but he was able to pay them back:


Rachel Gaines

It's a windy evening.
Hang on, Oliveea, Oscar, and chicks


It's interesting to me how each group is so different. Last year, I don't remember the kind of pecking I'm seeing this year. I wonder if food is not as plentiful this year. Does anyone else remember this nest last year? Is it just the personalities of the chicks? Thanks!


Sami-thank you so much for your updates on C3's eating and acts vengence video!

Darlene Nichols

At 8:03 I just watched the babies being fed and the runt did get food......eventually the terminator intervened and pecked the runt into submission and feeding stopped. The older and bigger he gets the more he will fight back until he will finally not be bothered and they'll all get along. You're right Nancy, I don't think it was this bad last year, tho


You are quite welcome, Kate!

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I am so afraid Oscar, Jr. is not going to make it. I have seen this with egret chicks where one pecks the little one so much it just gives up.


Oscar, Jr. did not get anything to eat the last two feedings. Both of the bigger chicks were pecking at him, and the middle chick even pulled out some of Oscar, Jr.'s head feathers. The two bigger chicks ate the whole fish and Mom ate the tail at both of the last two feedings. There is not enough food being brought to the nest for all of them. Oscar, Jr., the smallest one, is probably not going to survive.


Fourth straight feeding that Oscar, Jr. did not get to eat. So heartbreaking! Plus he is being pecked to death by older siblings.

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