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May 02, 2013


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Krissie Talley

Just saw the third chick for the first time!!

Carol C

They sure blend into the nest. there r 3?

Annie May

I just saw three little heads at the same time!

Barbara Holmes

My husband and I just spotted the three chicks. Mama and Papa are taking good care of the little ones.


they are so cute!! thanks for the pictures. we now have 3? yahoo!!!

Lela Smith

Spotted a 3rd chick today. Wish I knew how to get a picture off the site.

Rachel Gaines

It's breakfast time, and I'm watching Oliveea very gently holding pieces of fish in front of the chicks to see which one will take it. She held one piece that was a little big, and when a chick didn't take it, she ate it herself.
She acts so lovingly to her family; and this is such a joy to see.
I saw two little heads pop up, but glad to know there are three of them.
Good morning , Oliveea, Oscar, and little chicks.


5/3/13 8:49 MST Just saw one little guy peaking out from under Mom. Guess he didn't like the wind.

Rich Swanson

Definetly three. If you click on my name below it will take you to a FB group with a good video posted.

Mrs. Z

Lela: If you are on a PC, wait for the moment you want and hit your Print Screen button. (It may say "PrtScn.")Then open a Word doc, right click and paste. Click on the resulting image to get formatting tools.
If you are on a smart phone, I can't help you. (I'm not that smart!)Hope this helps!

Rich Swanson

Lela: Another way on a PC is to click the start button and type "snipping tool" into the search bar. Run the program when it appears above. Google snipping tool to find out about it. Nice little tool MS included that most don't even know about. Check it out!

A Facebook User

Got a great pic of the family! But I don't know how to upload it... :(

Rachel Gaines

I just saw a wonderful suppertime with the Osprey family with all three little chicks bobbing their heads up as Oliveea was feeding them. Even Oscar was getting some pieces of fish to feed them.
The chicks are so pretty with their cute little faces.
When they seemed to have had enough and Oliveea quit feeding, Oscar grabbed what was left of the fish and flew off.
Aren't they great parents?
Have a nice night, all


Awesome chick shot!


may 4 seen mom and dad feeding all 3 little ones'.


That's great! You may send your pictures to editor@alcoa.com. Thank you.

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