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May 09, 2013


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I love the choices of names. hard to select just one group.


Thanks to all the students at Badin who submitted these excellent names..

The chicks sure are growing leaps & bounds :)


Is the little one getting food?


Do you have to be on facebook to vote?

Carol C

Alie You can vote here. Read above for directions.


I watched the parent feed 1,2,3,2,1,2,3. It looked to me the chick in the middle got the most food.


Good evening everyone! Love the audio and the naming contest! Such fun. The triplets are eating and growing!
I did a video of breakfast this morning, but computer issues have kept me from posting until now!

'Bigger Family Needs A Bigger Nest!' 11:40 am _5.04.13_ http://youtu.be/pWjj430-Hzg


I'm sorry that link was an old one. I posted the wrong one!
Here is the correct one from today!

'Breakfast Under A Beautiful Green Canopy!' 8:20 am : http://youtu.be/u89l7Ese9qQ

Rachel Gaines

Thanks to all of you students at Badin Elementary, these are terrific names.
The chicks are growing fast; and they have such cute, sweet faces.
You're doing a fine job, Oscar and Oliveea.
It's going to be a beautiful, warmer spring day.
Have a great one, everybody.


here is a nice feeding video from about 2 hours ago. Oliveea was feeding all three until their little crops were stuffed! Thank you so much Alcoa. This is such a great camera!

'Hey, Let's Grow! 3:45 pm EST http://youtu.be/yevTbZeASP0

Denise Cass

why isn't the little one getting more attention?


Great suggestions for names. I agree with Sandy - it's hard to choose. :) Thanks so much for this opportunity to watch the Osprey family and get to name the little ones.

Rachel Gaines

Oliveea is looking beautiful on this bright and pretty morning.
Have a great day, Oliveea, Oscar, and precious chicks.
Happy Mothers' Day to you, Oliveea

Have a blessed Mothers' Day, everyone

Darlene Nichols

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers watching the nest today ! Its a beautiful day at the dam, the chicks just had a mid morning meal and ALL are stuffed.......doing face plants !! Many of the questions that are asked could be answered if you would read the "previous" comments that have been made......also, the Alcoa personnel give good info at the beginning of each new blog.........much of the history and lots of osprey behavior appears on each..........take a moment and read it !


Cool little video of an errant 'poop shot' taken this morning. Poor Oliveea, what mothers must endure for the sake of their young! ROFL!

'An Errant 'PS' & Oliveea Will Need A Bath! 8:50 am EDT


L'inda Ketrow

It looks like someone has decided what the names should be and is power voting. It's a shame because there are so many good names listed.

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