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June 05, 2013


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Fred Collins

It was so good to see Jr. spreading his wings.
He looks far better than a few weeks ago when his head was hanging over the edge of the nest, his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open. I thought he was dead. Go, Jr.!!!


That is really nice to know there he hangs out.
I see him at the door of the fish store just waiting the order for food.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I can hardly tell them apart now, except at feeding time when Jr. is always in the wrong place, usually under Liberty's tail instead of being at her beak. I love it when she leaves the nest and they immediately flatten out and stay quiet. As for rearranging the sticks, I think that is part of their training in how to build a nest in the future. So wonderful to watch, thanks, Alcoa.

Nancy Abouhanna

When will you band the chicks? :-) I love your Osprey cam here, thank you Alcoa!!

Carol C

The 2 biggest ones up & walking around. WOW How big they are. Jr is trying to sleep. All 3 were watching mom or dad fly around. Good to see Jr. getting better. Go JR!! Carol

Carol C

Dinner. It is neat how they all flatten down when dad is coming in. First time I saw that.

Rachel Gaines

I'm looking at a little drenched osprey family this morning.
Oliveea just flew off, I guess to shake the water droplets off of her back.
It's probably going to be another wet one today.

Hang on, Oliveea, Oscar, Olive, Ollie, and Oscar Jr.

Darlene Nichols

@Nancy...........you asked about banding the chicks.......Alcoa did not do that with last year's brood........I don't think they are working with any research group so there is no reason for them to do any banding. This nest cam has be set up simply for the entertainment/pleasure of the viewing audience.

Julie Mott

Poor little ones - they are absolutely soaked :-( Hope it stops raining soon for them


It is wonderful to see Jr being strong enough to withstand his early "beatings". He is growing up to be a beautiful osprey!!

What a survivor...Kudos, JR!!!

234pm(EST) the juvies are alone. Mom needs the break but I am sure she is watching from a nearby perch.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Tropical Storm Andrea is pelting them with rain and some wind. They were drenched and now are cleaning up nicely. Birds handle things better than most people. They are so big now they fill up the nest. It is such a treat to watch them.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

9:30 p.m. New Orleans time and it is pouring rain on the babies. I do hope they survive this storm.


Jnr got bashed again, hence he sat with head bowed quite a lot all day, he managed to get some fish of his own due him being hungry enough to risk another bashing from the bully. I hope the bully fledges first and gives jnr some room, that nest seems too small and prone to the wind. People are watching this cam from all over and its talked about on Osprey Friends group on Facebook, we all rooting for the little guy.


It's hard to watch Oscar Jr. take a beating from Olive. I thought it had abated, but obviously, it hasn't. There is an article at the Dunrovin osprey site which explains why this kind of behavior is common among osprey. Considering that, Jr. is doing well. He is growing and developing skills that he will need to survive beyond the nest. He certainly has lots of people rooting for him.


This is my first attempt at a comment. Hope it works!


Wow, I saw Jnr getting a great dinner just Jnr and mom, yippee :)

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Olive is a bad bird.


I saw Olive lift off the nest a few inches and she looked proud, not surprised....tried again with no luck...

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Pouring rain on them but the two older ones are popping up and down in the nest like little helicopters. Wish I had seen whoever brought in the decorations for the nest. The green looks good. Hope Oscar gets fed today.

Rachel Gaines

It's amazing how much Olive, Ollie, and Oscar Jr have grown in five weeks. They are almost as big as Oliveea and Oscar.
It will be exciting to see them fledge.

Carol C

They all were trying out there wings. Hardly enough room in the nest for all those wings.

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