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June 17, 2013


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Darlene Nichols

Sound is working great now.........thank you!......I can no longer tell them apart unless I can see their speckled breast and that's chancy............they've simply grown so big it's difficult for them all to fit in the nest.......it's TIME FOR OLIVE TO LEAVE !

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Olive is beating everyone to pieces with her wings. I would not be surprised if she took a little flight tomorrow.


All that time Olive was beating up on Oscar Jr. and now he finds shelter from the heat of the sun from her big self. And she is learning how to care for others.

Carol C

Nice to have the sound again. Thanks Boy they sure are noisy!! lol


These are 3 gorgeous & healthy Osprey chicks..

Great parenting job by Oliveea & Oscar..

Carol C

O My this is a bad STORM. poor BABIES.


Just checked in to see Momma Oliveea looking proudly at her 3 gorgeous growing-up-too-soon babies...

Has been (and still is) a pleasure to watch this Osprey Family..

THANKS Alcoa..

Carol C

Lots of wingersizing going on. Will they come back to the nest for awhile like eagles do?

Rachel Gaines

It's so beautiful to see the sunrise shining down upon Oliveea, Olive, Ollie, and Oscar Jr.
Oliveea is chirping for Oscar, I think, maybe to say, "It's breakfast time."
Have a good morning

Julie Mott

I have so enjoyed watching this web cam and sharing the ups and downs of the family as the chicks grew to juveniles. I shall miss them when they fledge but will be happy to see them fly off to start a life of their own. Thank you Alcoa for allowing us to share the experience.


I just checked in at 3:18 Pacific time - I think Olive has fledged! I only see two young ones.


Is that Olive sitting on the dam railing beyond the nest? It looks like an Osprey and I think I've seen both Dad and Mom in the nest at different times since she flew out.


i think she is at end of that larger stick, hanging out of the left side of the nest.


Hello, thank you again for this wonderful experience with your Osprey cam! I noticed when looking at the nest, the left board panel is coming apart. Thankyou :-)


did one of them fledge?

Rachel Gaines

Hooray for whichever chick has fledged!
By the way the other two are flapping their wings, it won't be too much longer before they will fly away too.
I will miss seeing them; but there's a whole new life out of the nest for them to enjoy.
I know it's cooler too.
Congratulations, Oscar and Oliveea, for such a fine job of raising Olive, Ollie, and Oscar Jr

Fred Collins

Is it possible to zoom the camera out a bit? There have been several requests but no answer. I recal that at one point we could see a larger portion of the lake.

Carol C

All 3 in the nest now. Looks like they can't stay awake. Horray for the one that fledged!!


I was wondering if they were all girls? their front feathers look more like mom.


Finally, getting to watch our beautiful birds again! They have grown so much and are getting ready to leave the nest! It has seemed like an awfully short season this year!But I can tell they are nearly ready to go!
Here is a video I did this evening as one of our youngsters showed off his/her "kiting" skills!

'Look At Me...I'm "Kiting"! 6:45 pm http://youtu.be/RSHg0bQYE5w

Lin P.

Hi Mark,
Thanks to Alcoa for this opportunity to watch these amazing birds! It has been the highlight of my day now for 2 years. Is it possible to widen the focus so that we can see some of the surrounding area now that the chicks are beginning to "widen their horizons"? It would be nice to see them in the air.


Thanks for the new view. Whoever is in charge is always making it a better experience.

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