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June 25, 2013


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I'm glad to know where Olive has been hanging out since she left the nest. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Coleen Perilloux Landry

What a wonderful experience this has been watching this family of ospreys. I do believe the osprey is better than the eagle because I always saw the osprey mother on the nest at night, something I did not see in the eagle's nest once the chicks got to be a bigger size. Tweeters are saying that Oscar, Jr. is laid back, I say he is lazy and perhaps a little backwards. It may take a while for him to catch on and catch up.


Jr. still asks to be fed. I suspect that his lack of assertiveness is a learned behavior from getting hen-pecked by Olive. While it seems like good manners, I hope it won't work against him when he has to compete for his food after leaving the nest.


What a wonderful way to watch the young ones as they venture into those beautiful surroundings!
Thanks for the new view.

DeAnn Chandler

I have enjoyed watching the Ospreys. I guess I missed when the first young one flew off. I see one is not really in the nest now.


The low key behavior of Jr is probably characteristic of male ospreys. I think Jr will do fine on his own once the other female siblings leave the nest.

Mom and Dad did a fantastic job, allowing all THREE to grow up.

The perilous part will be the migration. Keeping fingers crossed that all will succeed!!

Thank you (in advance) for the fantastic 2013 journey. This is the first time I've observed this nest. I'll enjoy the family as long as they hang around.

Looking forward to 2014 and another successful nest :-)


Hope they keep that view for a while.


For some reason - the name "Olive" seems to have been given to the oldest. I've used it that way. But I just read a recent post that seems to give the name "Ollie" to the oldest one. I'm confused. :)

Lin P.

Mark, thank you so much for the expanded view. What a peaceful scene! No wonder Oscar & Oliveea chose your dam to call home! Now we may catch a glimpse of the fledgling (s) as they make their way into the larger world!


THX for changing the cam view so that we can continue to experience even more from this lovely Osprey Family..

It's been such an educational & rewarding experience..

Oscar & Oliveea have done a fantastic job raising 3 young'uns :)

Donna Perriello

Thank you for the great view, my first year with the osprey and I am hooked.

Thank you

Carol C

Love the new view. Beautiful! Thanks so much Alcoa. Loved watching this family grow.

Julie Mott

What a brilliant new cam view ........ thank you so much Alcoa from a viewer who now has Ospreyitis after watching this beautiful family


Just checked back in to find Momma Oliveea and her 3 growing chicks all at the nest with a beautiful sunset in the background..

Added to the "glow" of the dam lights (wasn't cussing..lol) it makes for a BEAUTIFUL evening pic of this Osprey family :)

Rachel Gaines

Great view, Alcoa, thanks
It looks so refreshing!
I'm wishing that I could take off and glide across the water like Olive, Ollie, and Oscar Jr will soon be doing.
They've been stretching and flapping their wings this morning.
Have a great one, everybody

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I love this view, so beautiful. Wouldn't mind being an osprey with that to wake up to every morning. Miss Olive is really trying her wings out there. Such beautiful birds they have all turned out to be. Great parents.


Well Ollie has left the nest while Jr. is still in the nest hopping and flapping and hopping and flapping.

Rachel Gaines

I think maybe another chick has fledged.
There was Oliveea with the two of them on the nest, and one flew off, so now there's one with Oliveea.
Hooray for the second one who has fledged!


It is a good day for Jr to take a chance and helicopter off the nest.

Hopefully someone will spot him fledging!

I really believe it will happen today or tomorrow :-)

Gus Gocella

Sat June 29 I watched two fly away and come back to get fed. Mom seems to feed them all and herself and dad is out looking for something else to eat. He brought back a small about 5 inch turtle today and they are having brunch at 11:45 EST. Thanks Alcoa for all you do for this wonderful experience. Gus in TN

Rachel Gaines

There's Oscar Jr sitting there all by himself.
Take that bold step, Oscar Jr, and sail away!

Rachel Gaines

I didn't realize that Oscar Jr had already fledged.
Hooray for Oscar Jr.
It has been so wonderful watching this beautiful Osprey family grow up.
I hope to see them learning to swoop and catch fish.
I guess that's next, isn't that right Oliveea and Oscar?


it looks like all three have successfully fledged (sniff) !

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