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July 09, 2013


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Coleen Perilloux Landry

Do we know where to they migrate?

Lin P.

Thank you so much for the update. It has been wonderful to start every morning viewing the nest and all its occupants over the past months. For the rest of the year I hope you are able to leave the camera active. I love looking at the lake daily and getting my "North Carolina weather report" firsthand!

Fred Collins

Thanks for that note about the "pipes", and for all the good work this osprey season. Three cheers for Jr.


Thank you for all the updates on the weather. It is so good to see a successful nest.
We all held our breath for Jr, but he was a trooper with a lot of determination.

Congrats to you and thank you so much for a wonderful view of the osprey family:-)

Betty Nye

Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity! This osprey family is amazing and, yes, watching them is addictive! Again, many thanks to Alcoa!

Jane Roberts

Thank you Alcoa for having this nest . I thoroughly enjoyed watching it since the babies hatched.

Darlene Nichols

I've watched this nest since you turned it n last year....two successful broods raised and when they left the vultures moved...it was very interesting watching them thru the winter so I hope you will leave the camera on this winter,again......thank you for the experience !!

Faye MacIntyre

I have really enjoyed watching these guys and I feel as though I have bonded. I think this is so amazing and greatly appreciate the effort to make this available. Thank you


This has been, and is, great. There remain some legacy issues Alcoa and NC still have to iron out, but this Osprey Cam shows to me that Alcoa is careful with and sensitive to environmental issues. May the good will with OspreyCam be the mantra for many corporate-public collaborations for the planet. As to the person that posted banding is no longer done, google Cornel Osprey Cam and see the Montana nest with three chicks hatched a few weeks behind the Yadkin brood and the orinthologist discussions on banding -- still done for their scientific reasons, but I personally am glad the Yadkin Ospreys will fly free with no human marks.


I have read that Osprey from this area migrate across the Gulf to winter in areas from Venezuela to Central America. I've also read that some may stop in Cuba briefly before continuing and some have sometimes been sited perching for a short time on ships. It's an amazing migration.

Fred Collins

Qne has a fish so big it can't possibly eat it all. Wonder if it will share when it has had its fill? Or dump it overboard, as they seem to really keep the nest clean of left-overs.

Rachel Gaines

This is another wonderful journey through the lives of these beautiful Osprey chicks.

Thanks, Alcoa for all that you do for the Osprey and to bring us this experience.
I will miss Oliveea, Oscar, Olive, Ollie, and Oscar Jr as they all leave for the winter; and I will certainly look forward to seeing Oliveea and Oscar next spring when they return to raise another brood.

Congratulations, chicks, you made it, and may you enjoy all of the beauty, adventure, and fun of being an Osprey.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Wednesday evening, July 24. What a horrible storm has hit. One of the fledglings got blown off the nest after he braved the storm for ten minutes. The wind and rain is relentless. I do hope all is well. The waves in the lake were very high and the rain came like bullets.

Lin P.

I saw all three chicks in the nest yesterday, July 27th. They were screaming their little lungs out saying, "Come feed us!". It is so great to have been able to watch these guys from birth right up until now. I continue to check in daily and generally see one or two of the chicks still hanging around the nest. Thank you Alcoa for all you do!

Betty Nye

Today, 30 July 13, is the first morning I haven't seen at least one of the chicks on the nest! Gives me a strange feeling!!!


There appears to be a problem with the camera. Or is it just a problem on my end?

Julie Mott

Web cam not working for me either Nancy


Thanks Julie! I hope they can fix it soon. I'd hate to miss the last days for this season.

Rachel Gaines

One chick is on the nest calling while Oliveea or Oscar is sitting on the railing just beyond, calling out too.
I'm glad they're still around.

Fred Collins

Junior is becoming a man, staking out territory, feeling his wild oats.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Poor Jr. is on the nest a lot, calling and calling. He misses the companionship. Oscar is sitting on the railing wondering what he is going to do with that child. I will miss them when they're gone but it has been a wonderful experience. Thank you, Alcoa.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

As cute and "picked upon" as Jr. was as a chick, he is now a spoiled brat and just may starve to death when he is forced to be on his own. His shrieking on the nest and his demanding ways remind me of some of my students I had in class as a teacher. Spoiled brat, he is.

Fred Collins

Jr.'s a typical teen-ager, Coleen! He's parading around, flexing his muscles and being a general nuisance. He'll get over it.


saw Jr this morning(around 7aEST) standing on the left side of the nest.
Looks like he is hoping Dad will bring some fish for breakfast.

Darlene Nichols

11:00 nest time and Jr. (I guess) is in the nest letting everyone -friend or foe- know he's there.........probably would like a fish delivered but maybe just lonely......s/he's used to having someone to interact with.......Oliveea has already left, I guess ?

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Junior is still liking the nest. And, Oscar is still bringing fish to him. However, I think we will very soon see an empty nest as instinct is calling. I wish them well in their new journey.

Bob McEachern

Looks like vultures have taken over the nest. Anyway to get rid of them? 9/1/2013

Darlene Nichols

Bob...........ospreys have left and vultures haave moved in.........nature's recycling......on this nest, this has been going on for as long as the nest has been there .....(9/7/13)

Lin P.

I saw three jet skis yesterday very close to the dam. Often see fishermen in the morning, rounding the "point". I miss our Osprey family and Jr.'s antics but also like watching the vultures (black vultures?) preening in the nest. Always something to see at the dam! Thanks Alcoa. Glad you keep things up and running for us all year!

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