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November 22, 2013


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Scheryl Grant

Hope everyone at Alcoa has a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas Enjoy the camera very Much Thanks!


Wishing all of you Holiday Blessings as well..

Really appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to watch these beautiful Ospreys and their families..

Thanks to everyone involved in this project..

Margaret Visser

We live on central coast of California (Arroyo Grande), about 2 miles from shoreline of Port San Luis Bay. (Avila, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Oceano Beach, Guadalupe Beach)
For second afternoon we have seen an osprey (male?) roosting on a streetlight pole in our neighborhood. It is very exciting, and seems very unusual. We have watched Oliveeia and Oscar and kids since last spring almost daily (and now the buz's). I heard the "call" and instantly turned to look. I was especially surprised that he/she returned a second day about 4:30 or so. It seems that he would be migrating further south. Our son has observed what he thought would be osprey in the Morro Bay/Los Osos area hovering over a field. We will definitely be looking from now on. I did drive beneath him and was able to look up, was definitely osprey,mostly white front, not greatly "freckled." Very sweet. Wing back feathers mostly dark, a few white feathers. Have never observed osprey before--saw two at beach on walk between Grover Beach access ramp and Pismo Beach pier in November.

Rachel Gaines

Happy New year to everyone there at Alcoa; and we're looking forward to a great year with Oliveea and Oscar and their brand new family.
Sure looks cold right now at the lake!
Have a blessed week everybody


Osprey on nest at about 10:55 a.m. today 2/26/2014


That's 10:55 EST


Osprey on nest today 2/27/2014 at 4:14 p.m. EST

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