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February 28, 2014


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Olde Hippie

Let the season begin!

Rachel Gaines

Could it be Oscar and Oliveea checking things out?
Looking forward to this great time of osprey viewing.

Darlene Nichols

So happy to see them back........spring must be on its way in the Carolinas

Jillian UK

Welcome back beautiful birds. Amazing arriving back so close to each other. The vultures must now learn it's the osprey's nest now.


Squawking, Building, Mating...such is life!

Rachel Gaines

I'm seeing two osprey on the nest right now.
Hope they are Oscar and Oliveea.
Can't tell
They are beautiful!

Olde Hippie

O&O may or may not have arrived at the same time. A pair will often return separately and wait for each other near the nest, such as a tree top from where they can see their mate coming and be visible to the other. A male, especially, may advertise his good looks to other passing ospreys, in case his partner doesn't make it back. Many pairs camp out at the nearby tree while they watch their nest and fly in and out to make it suitable for them as well as deal with any unwanted visitors, such as wintering turkey vultures. Sometimes a week or more will pass before they take up full time residence in the nest.

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