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March 03, 2014


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Rachel Gaines

Welcome back, Oliveea and Oscar.
Hope the weather won't be too rough for you.
Hang on!


Wonderful News and wonderful views! Thank you again and again for providing us with this chance to share in the lives of this beautiful pair of Ospreys!
Hope everyone will enjoy this mating video I was able to capture aroun noon today!

'Oscar and Oliveea Renewing Mate Bond 12:36 pm http://youtu.be/F78Z2VXylx4

Darlene Nichols

After yesterdays ugly weather, today is sunny and bright and those two better get busy bringing in sticks because they've got a lot of building to do !

Rachel Gaines

It's a beautiful morning; and I'm seeing Oliveea on the nest calling out to Oscar, maybe to bring more sticks.
Have a good day, Oliveea and Oscar, as you continue to build your nest. Fine job!

Terri Lynn Coughlin

I have the live feed for the eagles, but this year I can't get the camera option for osprey to come up ? love watching the osprey just wondering if anyone knows why I can't get the camera option to watch


Just saw mating taking place. Should have an egg in about 3 days


hope to watch a little more this year.

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