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April 25, 2014


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current temp 79F
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wind to 11pmh

Thanks for the update. Harassment by annoying crows must definitely be driving the pair crazy.

Right now the nest is empty. There is a constant hissing sound in the background.


Somebody at the dam site should have a look at the nesting site. Something in or around that nest has made the Ospreys afraid to even land on the nest or if they land they usually take flight quickly looking rattled. Perhaps a snake lurks in or nearby.


I'm sure no Osprey "expert" but the behaviour of this couple is perplexing..

WHY would their "natural instincts" not lend to them incubating the eggs???

All the Osprey nest cams I watch BOTH the Mom & Dad take turns incubating the eggs and rarely..if ever..leave the nest once the eggs are laid..

We need someone with lots of Osprey "knowledge" to give us some reasons for the behaviour at this nest..

Anyone out there????


Now this is DEDICATED Mama "Harriet" from the Dunrovin Ranch Osprey Nest in Montana..

Incubating the eggs..rain or shine..24/7..along with help from Dad "Ozzie" of course :)


The Ospreys around the dam could learn from these 2 parents ;)


temp 55.2F
feels like 55.2F
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sunrise 632am
sunset 802pm

today's temp is forecast to be nearly the same temp as yesterday.

I can barely detect any movement...but I think one of the Os are on the nest.


current temp 80.0F
real feel 79F
wind to 10mph
beautiful, spring afternoon for the ospreys

an osprey trying to incubate. Alarm sounded by osprey and its mate landed at the left corner of the nest.

355pm: osprey leaves nests, heading for dam. Mate remains..walks over to the eggs, rolling them. Doesn't sit yet as it looks about and sounds alarm. Seems like there is another intruder.

357pm: leaves nest but immediately returns, sounding alarm calls again. Pushes a couple twigs; then settles down over the eggs.

402pm: male returns to the nest and the female gets up...stands at the lower left hand corner of the nest.
the male walks up to the 3 eggs (look intact), rolls them; then settles down over the eggs.
female continues to stand at the lower corner of the nest.
406pm: what luck. they seem to be much calmer right now.


428pm: change of shift. male flies off. female turns around and settles onto the eggs.


501pm: changeover incubation responsibility.

Fred Collins

The Montana Osprey nest is much more neat than the ALCOA one. Perhaps it's hard to build a round nest in a rectangular box. Nature doesn't like "square" stuff. Just a thought.
Also wondering if these eggs are the originals.

Judy Mckinney

The female that was sitting on the eggs just before dark last night was definitely not this one. She seemed more interested in the eggs, although I don't believe they are hers. She must have been chased off the nest. What a mixed up mess!
As far as the condition of the nest, they just haven't put any effort into building it.
As far as I know these are the original eggs.


I agree with Judy. Any new pair would have kicked out the eggs and start their own family.

Definitely a young and inexperienced pair at the nest. Their nest building prowess will eventually get better.

Hi Fred!

Nest platforms start off as square ones(minimum size 3feet x 3feet) It is just up to the pair as to how much nesting material they will bring to build their nest.




for osprey lovers...here is a link to some interesting information:


Judy Mckinney

Thanks for the links Sami. Fascinating reading!


Glad you enjoyed it :-)

There was drama occurring at the Dyfi nest


between the returning female and another female 28.

Quite scary, hopefully, 28 left the area unharmed and found another mate.


osprey incubating...good sign that they are getting serious


I might be crazy, but what I have been watching this AM seems like different birds. Their reaction to the intruder, trying to tend to the nest or at least what little there is of it, their general attitude seems totally different from the newby pair I've been watching. Hard to believe that they could of overnight become mature parents. Might go against know logic, but they sure seem different.


Bob, I believe they are different birds as well, possibly Oliver and Oliveea? I was watching them most of yesterday and she only left the nest probably to eat. My only concern now is that it is too late for the eggs. They have been left alone way too long but I pray for the best.


Bob & Judi, I agree with you both. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed a difference. Have you seen the video of the fighting female osprey in the UK? Perhaps something similar to this has taken place here at Alcoa http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/blog/2014/04/osprey-war-


I watched the video and agree this is what could have happened. I did not actually see any fighting at the nest but those first 2 seemed quite nervous and agitated (very immature) at anything that was flying near the nest. It seems now that nothing has been bothering this pair that I have noticed.


I just saw the tail end of an exchange of osprey. I dont know who is on the eggs, I suspect the female. No fish was involved that I saw. It is 7:07pm ET. Birds seem to have settled in.


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824am(Est) beautiful Monday morning but no one is currently incubating the eggs :-(

849am eggs unattended


I tuned in about 6:30am and one was on the eggs. Then a second bird arrived and they seemed to chat some, then a third bird passed very close to the nest, as in I thought it was going to land but did not. The original two came and went a few times and then every time I have checked back its been unattended. Just when it looked like some sanity had arrived its back to I'm confused again. Go figure.


The osprey's were, from what I saw, in the nest all weekend. Now it's Monday and they are gone again. Maybe they have other jobs during the week.

Rachel Gaines

I'm seeing three eggs on the nest with no parents in sight.
There are two men working just below the nest. Maybe they are afraid of the men and will return soon.



eggs unattended.


10:00 am(EST)
Eggs have been unattended since I've been watching this morning. I for one hope these eggs don't hatch. These birds are obviously not ready to be parents.
I also think that there seems to be something different at this nest this year, because it just ALWAYS seems like something is upsetting to the birds.


Stephanie, I totally agree with you and I believe the something different has to do with the dam. It could be workers, or something else. I do know that it has been unusually loud this year. They seem scared of something near the nest, but only at times. Other times they are completely comfortable so whatever it is comes and goes, such as humans. I am finding myself watching this nest just because it is sad and fascinating at the same time. I wish the "unknown" would go away and the parents would start anew. There is no hope for the 3 eggs.


It looks like at least of the eggs are broken.


current temp 65.8F
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wind from NE gusts up to 9mph

sunrise 631am
sunset 805pm

I agree with OspreyLvr, there is no hope for the eggs. Best it be this way.

eggs are unattended.

409pm: female osprey lands near the center of the nest. Looks around as it walks toward the eggs. Appears to be very uncomfortable...seems like there is something below the nest.

Now facing to the left, moved a piece of bark.

411pm: settles on the egg but stands up as the male arrives and lands on the upper right hand corner of the nest. Both seem to be on "alert" status.

Female continues to appear tense as she chirps loudly. The male is more calm. Both are looking at something to the left, below the nest.

I am wondering if there are humans on the walkway of the dam. Too close! Alcoa should check into this problem.

416pm: female moved to the upper left corner of the nest, looking down and chirping.
The male lost interest in whatever she is complaining about. He is trying to figure out if he should sit on the eggs. Whoops almost stepped on one. He continues to rotate around the eggs.

418pm: something startles the female and she takes off...immediately followed by the male.

Fred Collins

Why have the crows not taken these opportunities to peck through and eat the eggs?
They seemed so determined a few days ago.
Seems as though that's the only future for these neglected eggs.


current temp 60.3
real feel 60.3
flash flood advisory for today with possible
T-storms. expected high of 79F

630am: surprisingly an osprey is incubating in nest. Possibly the female. She is facing to the left (for now) and appears to be calling its mate.

Osprey appears to be relaxed...not agitated. Yay! Wind picking up speed.

She may/may not remain on the nest for long. Sad to see her trying to incubate eggs. Must let nature play out...there will always be next year.

638am: she continues to peer over the nest box and occasionally chirps. Hopefully the male will (at least) bring her breakfast to help cement their bond.


649am: she sees something, stands up and flies off to the right.

718am: osprey returns.,,looks about...almost settles down on the eggs. She notices something to the left...then takes off to the right out of panic!


726am: osprey lands at the top of the nest but appears to be frightened by something. It stays momentarily; then flies off to the right again.

wonder what is at the left of the nest that is scaring them????


734am: osprey returns for a couple seconds; looks about. Attempt to incubate is cut short by something that scares it off.

she quickly spreads her wings and heads off to the right...again!


747pm: osprey lands on nest. it looks upward, turns and faces to the left...continues to chirp. it looks around again and appears undecided about incubating the eggs.

749am: osprey finally settles onto the eggs, facing to the left. Still appears wary and tense. feathers are flattened.

751am: osprey is fixated on something. she chirps; lifts her wings and hurriedly leaves the nest to the right.

I think that someone should check out what is scaring the ospreys or have the camera pan to the left...


Sami, I agree with you. I considered going to the nest and viewing with my binoculars from a distance. I live 2 hours south of it. After looking at Google maps I knew my chances were slim of getting within viewing distance so I did not go. They are definitely being scared off of their nest. I think it is humans. They were below the nest the other day working on the dam.


Perhaps ALCOA can shed some light? Please have someone check or give us some information about what is going on. If it is workers then please let us know so we can stop wondering what horrible creatures lurk just out of view.

Darlene Nichols

....just more reason to confirm what has already been decided.....this pair is NOT Oscar and Oliveea. They were used to workers on the dam and were not scared off by them.....you all are right that this must be a first time nesting attempt by this pair.....kind of sad seeing those eggs laying there and knowing nothing will ever develop.......on the other hand, its been interesting (if you can remain objective) seeing the learning process of family building these two are experiencing......next year should be MUCH MORE successful for them


@Darlene Nichols..

very good post/comments..totally agree..

at the 2 Osprey nests in Montana neither Ozzie & Harriet and Stan & Iris are affected by "humans" around their nests...both couples are more or less used to humans being around..

1 nest is at a busy ranch and the other is at a healthcare facility..

this "newbie" Osprey couple are "learning"..as are we ;)


current temp 79.9F
real feel 83F
wind possible up to 16mph

sunrise 630a
sunset 806pm

osprey returns to the nest and settles down on the eggs. The osprey is facing to the left, feathers flatten. It looks very tense, staring at something to the left.

The osprey turns its attention to the surrounding, pivoting its head about.
"on alert" status.



both ospreys are at the nest! female that was incubating the egg stood up and flew off to the right.

male osprey warily looks toward the left as it approaches the eggs

324pm male settles onto the eggs, still looking to the left.


thanks ospreylvr for taking time to check the area surrounding the dam. it will be interesting to find out what is bothering the ospreys.

here is some interesting info about osprey tolerances for disturbances:


I have read there is a minimum distance of 300 feet.

I've been an observer of the Hellgate nest in Montana. Even if the resident ospreys are situated near "human activity", they become agitated when someone walks on the roadway nest to the nest.

Another info about osprey protection in NC:

"The osprey is not included on the North Carolina protected wildlife species list. They are, however, raptors and are therefore protected from harm or molestation by federal and state laws such as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918."

336pm: male osprey still incubating eggs.
a bit breezy.
337pm: male stands up and flies off to the right.
sat on eggs for less than 10 minutes.


342jpm: female lands to the right of the eggs.
she spots something that spooks her and she flies off

344pm: she returns and settles onto the eggs, facing to the left. Still appears wary.


4pm: osprey still sitting on eggs. changed position a couple minutes ago.
now facing toward the cam

if anyone interested, here is another O cam located above a baseball field:


406pm: large black colored bird lands on a block closest to the nest. Osprey spotted intruder but still remains on the eggs.



Yes..I've also seen the Hellgate & Dunrovin Ospreys become "on alert" at various times of human activity close to their nests..however the majority of the time they do not fly away and leave their nests/eggs unattended for extended periods of time like the Ospreys at this nest..

I just think these are very young & inexperienced Ospreys here..


Sher, you think they are young and inexperienced because they appear to spook easily. Since I can't see what is spooking them I can't determine if their fears are valid or not. Alcoa employees may be very close each day and we can't see it. Just the other day I watched 2 men working directly below and beyond the nest. Although the nest is in a remote location (on top of a dam) people do walk there and if you saw the pics I posted then you know just how low the nest actually is in relation to pedestrians. These are wild animals trying to nest and people are walking around. O&O were not subjected to this level of disturbance, I guarantee it or they would fly too.
They don't feel safe which means only one thing. Something or someone is there nearby causing these osprey to fear for their lives. Whether the threat is real or not doesn't matter. They feel threatened....so they fly. I suspect Alcoa has employees there, doing their job, and this disturbance can't be helped. Perhaps Alcoa could avoid this next year by moving the nest just off of the dam to the more remote side for minimum disturbance.



I understand what your saying but..at the same time..are you also stating that MORE human activity is occurring close to the nest now than it has in the past with O&O??

I would tend to think that the same work/activity has been occurring each Season..be it from Alcoa workers or others..and O&O didn't seem to behave in the same manner as the current Osprey couple..

That's what initiated my original comments/thoughts..but I'm sure no 'expert' and welcome any thoughts/comments/ideas from others who enjoy these beautiful birds..

However one thing is for certain..this has sure been a "different" Osprey watching Season..

Fred Collins

The wikipedia says that ospreys use the heat retention of the large nest. I think this group is overdoing it.


Hi Fred..

I think it is great that everyone is sharing their thoughts :-)

Good to know we all care about these ospreys. Unfortunately, I am 4700 miles away....


539am (EST)
current temp 48F
real feel 48F
wind to 4mph

sunrise 628am
sunset 807pm

no one home in nest.



beautiful morning at the nest. No wind at all and the lake's surface is glassy :-)

Osprey on nest incubating. facing left. all is calm at the nest...so far.

Hopefully it will remain this way through the rest of the season.

Ospreylvr...did you have a chance to view the nest???


Sami, I have not made the trip to the nest. I would love to go but fear I will drive 2 hours only to not reach viewing distance. My husband would not appreciate a 2 hour drive with no pay off.
I watched a video last night of Nora at the DYFI nest in the UK. It was from 2011 I believe. Her first time as a parent. 3 eggs with 1 hatched and begging to be fed. Nora tried to feed it and appeared to be lost as to how to accomplish it. She moved to the edge of the nest and facing outward, appeared to "feed" imaginary chicks. Going through the motions I guess. By evening she had worked it all out and was a great mom until her disappearance in 2013. I find Osprey absolutely fascinating and find it extremely weird when others don't share in my enthusiasm. They don't know what they are missing, even though I keep trying to show them! Lol.


What an amazing & interesting story/video from the DYFI nest in the UK..

THX for sharing @OspreyLvr..


current temp 47
real feel 48F
no wind

sunrise 627am
sunset 808pm

weather and temperature should be really nice through Tuesday

time: 654am(EST)

Hi ospreyLvr
Thanks for your update. Not a good idea if the drive will be 2 hours unless you have other destinations in the same area.

The Dyfi site is one of my favorites. I had forgotten about what happened in 2011. There was a terrible confrontation between the females this year over the nest. Interesting that Monty stayed out of the mess LOL.

Another great site is the Loch of the Lowes...Lady is such an awesome female and Laddie is, too.
osprey incubating...calling. another osprey landed at the top of the nest, stnding at the upper left side of the nest. Nesting osprey stands up and flies off to the right.

702am: osprey facing to the right and continuing incubation. Appears to be very relaxed as it observes the surrounding area. It often pecks at the nesting material. Good to see a sense of "calm" at the nest.

change in inubating duties now.


705am(EST) other mate returns and lands at the right hand side of the nest.
incubating osprey gets up and flies off to the right.

male goes over to the eggs...doesn't roll them. Settles over the eggs and faces to the right, chirping.


current temp 50
real feel 50
wind to 4mph

Wow. This is the longest time I have seen them incubate the eggs.

she is facing to the left, enjoying the morning sun.

lake waters are glassy...a beautiful start to a great weekend!!


current temp75f
real feel 77F

gorgeous afternoon at the nest. Osprey incubating eggs. Sounds like it is calling for fish delivery.

same osprey continues to incubate



female arrives. There is a little agitation at the nest as both seem to see an intruder.

The male takes off in pursuit.

Female now incubating.
all is calm at the nest.


This is probably just my "wishful thinking"..however...

IS there any possible way these eggs could hatch??


Sher, I'm certainly no expert but it seems to me to be highly unlikely. Even chicken eggs have to stay at a certain temperature in order to hatch. Too cold or too hot results in disaster. I hate to say it but these eggs will never hatch. In fact, since they sat on the eggs for less than a week I would venture to say that the chicks didn't even have a chance to form before the eggs were no longer viable. Have you seen Steve and Rachel Osprey at explore.org? They had three eggs last year which were tended very carefully yet one of them did not hatch. There is no chance for these three eggs at Alcoa. Based on other sites and nests I have read about, these two might try again this season but it will be out of frustration and nothing will come of that either, I guess due to timing. Let's just look forward to next year for this nest and to seeing the pair mature more. Perhaps a chick or two will land on this platform from another nest while they are fledging this year. I will keep checking this nest this year simply because it's in my list of 5 nests I check each day. 4 Osprey and 1 Eagle. I would look at more but my last few brain cells would sizzle. :0)


I agree with OsspreyLvr. Unfortunately this nest had many difficulties this year. Best to hope for a successful breeding season in 2015.

I've been watching many nesting sites (don't want to say how many)each year. At the end of each season, I am happy for several months of rest before the next season begins :-)


FYI to Sher

type in the address bar of your browser:

links to osprey live web cams

and you will get a plethora of cams that will fulfill your osprey "obsession" :-)


current temp 46.9F
real feel 47F
no wind

sunrise: 626am
sunset 809pm

osprey dutifully incubating.


9:00 EST--both Osprey on the nest, one of them on the eggs. First time I've seen them both there in a very long time. They actually seem relaxed, too. Makes me think that since it's the weekend, that there are no workers at the dam, and they can let their guard down.
Well, I don't think there's any chance for these eggs, and that's a good thing in my opinion. Maybe next year.

Fred Collins

I would expect the generators at that dam to be a 24/7 operation, but perhaps fewer people at night and weekends. I lean toward competition for the nest as the major problem this season.


current temp 52F
real feel 52
no wind

sunrise 624am
sunset 811on

Looks like there are warm days ahead with plenty of sunshine and cool evenings in the mid 60s.

The Lake surface is glassy. Lone osprey incubating at this time. I think it is the male and he is facing to the right. All is calm at the nest (thank goodness)

One could say this is good practice for the pair on nest building and incubating for next season :-)



nesting osprey softly chirping and it stretches its neck upward. Might have spotted its mate.
No, it stood up and headed to the right.

722am: male lands at the top of the nest and promptly heads to the eggs. Looks about and decides to take off to the right again.

727am: osprey returns, moves a couple nesting material around; then settles onto the eggs and faces left.
Seems to be on the alert for "something"

729am: spotted something that upset the osprey. It flew off to the right

733am: no one home


2:15 p.m. EST. Checked, no Ospreys to be seen, but I also don't see any eggs. Either they are toward the edge of the nest where I can't see, or the eggs were "stolen". This poor nest--so different from last year.


current temp 89.1F
feels like 87F
wind to 7mph

246pm: female returns and settles on the eggs.
pretty warm day for her and she tries to keep cool by breathing through her beak.

254pm: she stands up looking indecisive as to what to do next. She is not on alert status. Looks like she is torn between getting shade or resting on the eggs. Wings slightly outstretched, she gently chirps and looks around.

259pm: she is almost over the eggs but not completely settled. Possibly looking for her mate to bring her fish.


315pm: osprey still at the nest, facing to the right. Wind has picked up speed, so it will help to cool her off from the heat.

322pm: she stands up and flies off to the right. you can see the top of one of the eggs

327pm: female returns. Her wings are slightly drooped as she scans the area. Settled onto the eggs without rolling them.
She now faces the upper right corner of the nest.

332Pm: she stands up looking on alert status. Poor mom, the temp hasn't changed over the past hour

Just checked the forecast and the temp will not hit 78 until 8pm tonight. It should reach 60F by 4am tomorrow morning and the 7th will be cooler than today

401pm she gets up for a leg stretch; then settles back onto the eggs.

anyone sees the male lately?

449pm still incubating and (so far) peaceful. She stands up momentarily to roll the eggs; then settles back. glad to see it is a little breezy so she will feel a bit cooler.


519pm: still nesting and calling for male

if anyone is interested about the different sounds/calls of osprey:



current temp 59F
real feel 59F
slight wind

sunrise 623am
sunset 811pm

eggs are still in the nest but no ospreys present.

741am: female returns; moves a stick or two; then settles onto the eggs, facing toward the cam.

Hope someone will track the nest...I'm heading off to sleep.


current temp 59F
real feel 59F
wind to 2mph

female osprey incubating.

638am: she stands up a couple times to roll the eggs; then repositions herself, facing left. So far, a calm morning at the nest

648am: chirps in the distance..must be the male. she stands up and does a walkabout, rolls the eggs a couple times before settling onto them.

659am: she left the nest

705am: she returns and settles onto the eggs. No sign of agitation...suppose she just wanted to stretch

729am: good girl. still incubating. even though there is no hope for the eggs, it is a good learning curve for the pair.

Hopefully the male will bring in breakfast


730am: just as I posted she stood up and left, heading right.

743am: she landed on nest for a second; then flew off. wondering if the "intruder(s)" situation is happening again....

814am: she returns briefly looking agitated; then calm
she settles down to incubation duties, faces the cam

Darlene Nichols

....for some additional viewing of ospreys, check out the two nests monitored by the University of Montana.......one at Hellgate Canyon and the other at Donrovin Ranch....both have experienced parents and are incubating eggs......Dunrovin male is particularly entertaining because he loves to sit on the eggs and pulls on the wing of the female to get her up so her can brood. Great backgrounds on both nests and the people who monitor are very involved in what's going on. This nest has been a disaster this year after two years of great success.....I hope these two either learn from the experience -or- Oscar and Oliveea can reclaim the nest next year.......I'd hate to go thru this again


Hi Darlene
been an avid fan of both Hellgate and Donrovin.

I agree. This has been a rocky season at this nest, sad to say. I am sure they will be better at this next year.

I continue to watch because I am interested in their activity in relation to the nest.

For anyone who is interested:








current temp 89
real feel 89
wind to 4mph

female returns to nest but only remains for 3 minutes. Another disturbance.

312pm: female returns.

338pm: still nesting. sees something and leaves the nest

346pm: she returns. I hope the male is feeding her because she looks a bit lean


Rather sad to see the eggs occasionally being incubated..knowing they will never hatch..

I've mentioned the 2 Montana Osprey nests in a few posts on here..they've become my "faves" out of all the Osprey nests I watch..

However nobody can say the Ospreys at this Alcoa nest are "boring" ;)

Fred Collins

It sounds like an air compressor somewhere nearby. Is some sort of maintenance work going on somewhere on the dam or powerhouse? Something other than the 60 cycle generator hum.
Old AA EE, long retired.

Judy M.

Has anyone seen the male since Tuesday? Sure feel sorry for the female. Seems to be a lost cause.


current temp 66F
real feel 66F
wind to 3mph

sunrise 621am
sunset 813pm

I don't have an opportunity to view the nest for an entire day, so I can't say for sure that the male is present.
I have been wondering, too, Judy M.

I guess it wouldn't matter at this stage. it is good to see the female on the nest. I would think it will be a good experience for her...next year upon her return.

Darlene Nichols

....hi Sami....thanks for all the links....I'm not good at this cut and paste thing so I can only give info on where to look for nests. Your list leaves me so frustrated.....I can't find enough time to watch everything !!!.....I've been watching O and O here since Alcoa turned on the cam and since this was my first experience with osprey watching I thought they would all be like this .......well, hasn't this year been a surprise ?.....it has been interesting but I will miss seeing babies in this nest......Oscar and Oliveea are exceptional parents and I,m hoping they might reclaim this nest next year.......meanwhile, Iris/Stanley and Ozzie/Harriet fill the void.


hi Darlene

Still enjoy the Alcoa nest even tho' it appears that success is not around the corner.

Forgot this one..the high def is great, but no sound :-(


352pm: osprey incubating. It is Dad :-)

From the comments on Twitter, it seems like they are sticking to their duties now!


current temp 59.4F
real feel 59.4F
no wind

sunrise: 619am
sunset: 815pm

misty showers passing this morning. Looks like the male is hunkered down, incubating the eggs.

osprey incubation period: 36 to 42 days
first egg laid April 15th.

IF there is a hatch: begin watching from May 21 through 27

So far, the osprey hasn't left for over half an hour. Still hunkered down.



female arrives at the nest...both on alert.

There is a brief glimpse at the upper left side of the cam view...an intruder osprey.

The male takes off after it.

Female rolls the eggs and settles onto them.

note: in the background, there is a large, black bird perched on the railing of the dam.
It has been there for over an hour.

Misty rain has disappeared and the early morning sun bathe the nest.



Mala returns but doesn't bring any breakfast.

Female gets up and flies off to the right, leaving the male to incubate.

Hmmmm, she doesn't stay very long on eggs!
about 13 minutes. . .


Darlene, definitely check out Steve and Rachel on the explore.org site. If you have a chance to also read their history. They are a great experienced couple.

Now after watching the DYFI nest in the UK I can't help but wonder if "intruder" is gender specific. In other words, a male intruder would only disturb the male at a nest and a female would only disturb a female on the nest. If you watch the video of Glesni and Blue 24 fight over the nest you will notice Monty seems to "stay out" of the drama. He just waits to see how who will win even though he had previously bonded with Glesni. Earlier in the story he had run a male off of his nest while blue 24 looked on without interference. There seems to be disturbances at most of the osprey nests this year.....are the incidents somehow related? Could it be that the population is booming to such an extent that nesting areas are at a premium? If so, the population boom took place 2 years ago and those chicks have now returned home to find a mate.
Many theories can be applied here. Anyone one else have ideas on what is causing all of this? Or do you think it is all coincidence?


current temp 61.5F
real feel 61.6F
wind to 1mph

sunrise: 618am
sunset: 816pm

beautiful Monday morning at the nest. Thank goodness there is none of the "noise" from the dam area.

A bit if greenery brought to the nest at the upper left corner. I guess the pair wants to celebrate Spring :-)

Looks like the male is incubating the eggs. He is facing to the left, preening himself and softly doing his contact call.


spoke too soon. there is a disturbance at the nest. the male just departed from the nest in a panic.

829am: the male returns to the nest. Touchdown is seconds before he takes off again. Must be another intruder.

838am: nest empty.

This is from the Loch of the Lowes blog:

How long can the eggs be left alone?

This depends on two things; predators and weather. Obviously any egg unguarded is vulnerable to opportunistic predators, such as crows, pine martens, herons etc. If the weather is mild, the eggs can be fine for up to half an hour or so, but if it is cold and wet they can quickly get cold and the chicks inside may die.

844am: I can hear an osprey chirping nearby. Don't know if it is perching on one of the railings of the dam or if there is a perch provided next to the webcam.


Sami, thanks for the info on the unattended eggs. Rachel at Hog Island (explore.org) stepped away from her eggs for what must have been 30 minutes about a week ago. She remained on the nest close by but was not incubating for that time period. I cannot recall the temp but I believe it was mild. It will be interesting to see if her 3 eggs hatch. She laid 3 last year and 1 of them never hatched.


Hi ospreyLvr
Seems like this is the year for female ospreys to "act" out of the usual pattern.

Lady, at the Loch of the Lowes, has exhibited some unusual behavior. She has been spending more time away from the nest, leaving much of the incubation duties to the Laddie.


current temp 61.5F
real feel 61.5F
wind 0

sunrise 617am
sunset 818pm

daytime high will possibly be 91!!!

looks like the male is in the nest incubating. He is facing to the right and off/on dozes. Must be the constant drone of the dam that is serenading him.

There is a slight mist in the air.

greenery gone. spotted a couple pine cones, but I think they were already there.



Stood up to roll eggs; then settled back down.


current temp 89.9F
real feel 90F
wind gusts to 14mph

Another beautiful day. Female incubating and facing to the left...into the wind. Smart girl

414pm(EST)still incubating. Hopefully the intruder issues have ceased...for now.


418pm...sorry it was the male incubating. Female just returned to the nest.

419pm...male departs


current temp 70.3F
real feel 70.3F
wind from SE gusting to 14mph

sunrise 616am
sunset 818pm

much cooler than yesterday. T-storms possible with heavy rain.

osprey incubating. wind quite gusty...appears to be shaking the nest box. It is a bad feather day.

osprey doing contact call for its mate. I can't tell if it is the female/male present.

countdown begins for "possible hatch"...guessing if it DOES happen...May 23rd. Wishful thinking???

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