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May 22, 2014


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Katrina Yurenka

Do you know how long they will sit on the eggs if none hatch?


Nest looks abandoned because if there were still eggs there, no one is keeping them warm. Does that sound correct?


Today is only Day 37 for the first egg. Osprey have 35-42 day incubation period. So, there is still plenty of time to hope. I realize the eggs have had a rough go of it, but I'm not ready to give up on them, yet.


current temp 87f
real feel 88f
wind from WNW to 17mph

sunrise 611am
sunset 823pm

definitely a sizzling day at the nest. osprey panting to keep cool as it faces into the wind.


current temp 68F
real feel 68F
wind zero

sunrise 611am
sunset 824pm

the bottom 1/3 of screen is covered with a translucent black.
Audio okay

38th day...still optimistic.


current temp 63F
real feel 63F

wind 0

male is incubating right now and facing to the right.

calm morning and he is dozing on/off.

failed to notice but there is a very large and thick branch in the nest!


current temp 82F
real feel 81F
wind to 11mph

tomorrow forecast same as today

looks like male is incubating, facing to the left. Pretty hot day...panting and breathing rapidly.

hatch days between 35 to 42 days

today is day 39...stii optimistic.

Rachel Gaines

Maybe we'll see Memorial Day chicks this weekend.
Happy Memorial Day, everyone,
and best wishes to our pair of ospreys.


Yep...thanks for the cheer, Rachel

current temp 62
real feel 62
wind to 0


current temp 58
real feel 58
wind to 0

sunrise 605am
sunset 826pm

possible thunderstorms late tonight

male in nest incubating...facing left.

today is day 41...have a sinking feeling but MAYBE today will be the lucky day.


current temp 86F
real feel 88F
wind to 14mph

male doing the incubation duty. Pretty hot afternoon.


day 43 for the first egg


current temp 64
real feel 64
wind 0

today is forecast to be cooler than yesterday
afternoon showers an Tstorms

female in nest incubating. she is facing to the right, looking about the surroundings.

I still hold a glimmer of hope that there will be a hatch...

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