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May 29, 2014


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day 45 for one of the eggs. I agree, it does seem grim but still remain hopeful.

male is currently incubating and dozing on/off.

it is a beautiful Friday at the nest.


current temp 66
real feel 66
wind to 7mph

expect some early morning drizzles

screen blacken at the lower 1/3 of screen


current temp 77
real feel 79
wind to 13mph

female in nest incubating. hot day...panting to keep cool. she is doing contact calls...probably sees the male nearby.

46th day from first egg being laid. Hope dimming that there will be a hatch this year.

Meanwhile, we should all enjoy the pair throughout the rest of the season. Good time to continue and to observe their behavior


I am no osprey expert, but I got a good look at the eggs this morning and I think they look larger - especially the one on my left. Maybe they'll get one? I sure hope so.


A chick is trying to pry herself out of the egg! Go ospreys!


whaaat! are you sure??


I see an egg or casted off top of an egg off to the left side of the osprey.
She is currently rolling the 2 eggs...getting up/down...mostly standing above the 2 eggs.

more digging in the nest cup

Fred Collins

I saw a chick,but they didn't try to feed it from the big fish. Ma is refurbishing the nest and tramped on the chick at least once.


I'm not so sure we should be celebrating..

These parents leave a lot to be desired :(

Rachel Gaines

What a surprise to see a beautiful hatchling for this osprey couple.
I'm just seeing one; but there may be another.
Let's hope their natural instincts kick in and feed this precious babe!


This is hard to watch - I wish they would feed their baby.

Judy M.

They should sterilize this female! How sad!

Judy M.

Actually I do feel a little sympathy for the parents because they seem so stressed out not knowing what to do with the baby. And soon there will be more--maybe.

Carol C

Lets hope they figure it out. Usually they won't feed the chick for awhile. I'm just amazed one hatched.


Yes, I thought I was the only one who saw the chick.


OK, brought in another fish and chick was there with mouth wide open but they never fed it.


Anyone watching after last post?

A miracle to see the chick. I really hope their feeding instinct kicks in!!!



sad sight to see the adult is feeding itself not the chick who is begging for food.

Looks like her mothering instinct is on the backburner.

540am: she finishes the fish; looks confused over the begging chick...takes off...then returns. She still looks confused.
She walks over to the chick, moves the nesting material around; then settles onto the chick.

weird squeaking and repetitive sound..don't know what it is

dawn approaches
current temp 53.8
real feel 53.8

it will be a miracle if either parent starts to feed this poor chick!

On a positive note...at least it was kept warm overnight.


I have been watching the female eating fish and not feeding the chick

the way things are going, I don't think this chick will live past today or tomorrow.
female has not a clue what to do...tragic.

Carol C



How is that their natural INSTINCT would not have them feed their new chick????????

Have never seen anything like this..tragic indeed :(

Makes me sad & angry at the same time..

Fred Collins

Chick fed until crop was full this morning.
Instinct cut in.


Chick was fed again! Looks good, but still no signs of other eggs hatching.

Carol C

Happy to read the chick got fed. YEA!


Just saw baby being feed again, whoever fed was very genyle..


current temp 82
real feel 82
wind to 11mph

dad just brought in a headless fish and mom took it.
mom has been continuously feeding the hungry chick for the past 6 minutes.

this is a first for me to witness two inexperienced parents. Nature is so fascinating. Learning curve to feed the chick was short

453pm...strange, I can hear another osprey calling loudly nearby but the pair are unaffected by its presence.

male walks over to the lower left corner of the nest, facing the cam and occasionally watching the feeding. lucky for the chick...he created a shade from his shadow.


I can understand two inexperienced parents..no doubt this is their "first" family..

I was just confused as to why their "feeding instinct" didn't begin immediately..

But..hey..what do I know..am just an Osprey admirer and observer..

Fred Collins

Geez. Ma stepped on the chick, he's flat on his back, feet sticking up and can't seem to right himself. Ma digging around him and going over him. What next?

Fred Collins

Pa took off and looks like Ma has settled down over eggs and chick for the night.


current temp 54F
real feel 54F
wind to 0

seems like there is a perch next to the nest because I can hear an osprey chirping

female is hunkered over the chick, facing right. I am not sure if there is a headless fish to the right of this female.
It may be just another branch...

Hopefully she will continue to feed the little one.

I've been a fan of the Loch of the Lowes nest. Unfortunately, Lady and Laddie will not have any offspring this year, but it is a blessing that we can view them both.


dad flew in, spotted the uneaten fish and took off with it.

mom was shocked. she got up, exposing the chick who started to beg for food.

711am: mom takes off and returns within seconds. she is standing and appears confused about this little chick. she circles it as it continues to beg for food. she moves twigs about.
the chick is really hungry! she settles onto the chick, still she is looking confused as the chick chirps continuously.

717am: she is still trying to settle over the chick while moving more sticks.
she stands up again and doesn't seem to get settled.

can hear the chirps of an adult osprey next to the cam

Rachel Gaines

I'm so glad to read that the chick is getting feedings at last.
I always thought that one of the strongest instincts with creatures and birds is to feed their young.
I certainly learned something new while observing these new osprey parents.

Best wishes to the precious chick and it's learning parents.

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