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May 15, 2014


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Katrina Yurtenka

I thought that if one actually hatched on time it would not be until @5/21...?


current temp 57.7F
real feel 57.7F
wind to 8mph

First egg laid April 15th
Anyone guess as to when the first hatch (if) takes place?


forgot...incubation period is between 35 to 42 days :o


current temp 53F
real feel 53F
wind to 8mph
humidity 90%

sunrise 614AM
sunset 819pm

osprey hunkered down in the nest, facing to the left.

No audio


current temp 56F

beautiful morning! osprey diligently incubating the eggs for over an hour.

Still gusty conditions. Osprey facing to the left, keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding area.

Has anyone seen fish delivery by either ospreys??


Sami, I can only pop in a few times a day but I haven't seen a fish delivery at all this season. I have seen many times where both were on the nest but zero fish.


I've seen fish delivered this week.


Thanks OspreyLvr and Becky, too!

Darlene Nichols

.......given the haphazard way these two have tended to the eggs I would be amazed if even one of them hatched......having said that, it would be a joyous sight to see a baby in this nest again this year......I'm not getting my hopes up, however

Judy M.

Male just brought a fish in for the female!


Thanks for the report on the fish dinner!


current temp 44.4F
real feel 44.4F
wind 0

sunrise 613am
sunset 821pm

today forecast to be warmer today than yesterday.

osprey incubating eggs. It is facing to the right. All is calm at the nest.


current temp 47.5F
real feel 48F
wind 0

sunrise 612am
sunset 822pm

today will be warmer than yesterday.

looks like the male is incubating. Calm conditions, especially at the nest. The osprey on duty is dozing on/off.

first egg laid april 15
today is day #35...incubation is between 36 to 42 days.

hatch (if it happens) will occur between now and May 27th.


Same thing here No babies http://www.ustream.tv/exploreOsprey



Day 36...as per blog on the LOL site:
keep an eye out for:

" The eggs being turned more often by the parents during incubation
The female bird head tilting and listening to the chicks inside the eggs calling
The eggs themselves moving independently- not touched by the parents
The appearance of tiny holes or cracks in the eggs as they start to hatch."


current temp 85F
real feel 87F
wind up to 12mph

cam frozen for the past 10 minutes.



IF we have a hatch:

chick would be fully grown at 6 weeks

fledges around 8 to 10 weeks...somtimes hang around a bit longer.

Sad beginnings at this nest, but am still optimistic.


It is day 40 for the eggs

Hope that Rachel is right and we will at least have ONE chick in the nest today!!

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