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June 03, 2014


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Rachel Gaines

Congrats to our osprey pair, and for giving this dear chick a good feeding this morning.

Have a great day, everyone



current temp 83F
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yep...it was Judy who spotted the chick trying to get out on June 1 (1048am)

there is a whopper of a headless fish in the nest! the chick is very hungry and you can see its crop is empty.

Male takes the fish and starts eating...not sharing with chick ;-(

117pm: mom flies in and takes the fish from dad. she is eating but doesn't pay attention to the chick

122pm: first morsel; then a fair feeding
129pm: looks like lunch is over but chick is still hungry.
Dad is sounding alarm call. There is an intruder osprey nearby. still a large amount of the big fish is left. Hopefully there will be another feed soon.


7:17 P.M. CST
Both adults on nest, one feeding chick. Other eggs being ignored. At least one hardy chick!

Carol C

Just happy to see this chick make it. Lets hope it makes it to growing up too!!


current temp 67F
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Weds continues to be bright and sunny.
Thurs may see thunderstorms and rain...uh oh

Been hiking all day. Thanks for the update, Bobbie

Good to hear that the chick is being fed.

Carol C

Chick got a good breakfast. They need to give it smaller pieces tho.. :)


They should name this chick "Lucky". Amazingly he/she survived after being unattended for long periods of time.


current temp 91F
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wind to 13mph

fish brought to nest by male. no feed for chick who is begging for food. crop isn't full so I am assuming it hasn't been fed for a while

both parents are on intruder alert.
both left nest but the female returns within a minute.

fish is still lying in nest in front of her but she is not paying attention to it. she is still on intruder alert.

Hope it will be over soon so that the chick gets some food.


current temp 90
real feel 93
wind to 13mph

chick has been left alone several times since last post at 309pm

356pm mom returns but appears tense
you can hear another osprey calling near the cam microphone

chick is lying down probably exhausted from begging and from the incredible heat.
Its crop is flat from lack of food. It is amazing that this 4 day old chick has made it this far. We shall see how this plays out.

mom finally decided to shelter the chick, forming a mom-brella over it.
osprey near microphone is chirping away.


Am really praying & rooting for this little chick to make it..

After seeing 3 healthy Osprey chicks being tended to & fed regularly at the Dunrovin Ranch nest it's rather depressing to see what's happening here..with only 1 chick..

I shall remain optimistic however :)


just checked in...mom giving the chick a good feed.

parents spot intruder. male takes off in pursuit. female jumps, almost knocking chick out of the nest.

534pm: mom takes off. chick had enuf food...

537pm: chick alone. I can hear an osprey near the microphone

Fred Collins

Are the eggs gone, or under the big fish?

Carol C

I don't see the eggs either. Chick got fed again. Still giving it too big of pieces. But fed!!

Fred Collins

Fish disappeared while I was typing. Pa must have taken off with it. Still don't see eggs.

Carol C

yes he did


current temp 73
real feel 73

mom looks like she is doing a great job feeding the bobblehead.

Mom seems to be getting the hang of giving smaller bits to the hungry chick.

looks like the chick is stuffed.


Mom has been feeding more than most think as I have many pics and you can tell by how much the little one is growing daily...here is a post one of them. http://t.co/oDDAy2OuKq


Now all that's needed is those pesky buzzards to get the hint and leave the nest alone..

Katrina Yurenka

very nice picture, Blaine! Thanks.

Fred Collins

Maybe the buzzards smell rotten eggs! Does anyone know if or how the ospreys will finally deal with the eggs?


Fred - I know eagles will sit on the unhatched eggs until they get old and break, I can only assume that ospreys do the same.


current temp 67
real feel 67
wind to 6mph

chick is alone in the nest. You can barely see its head peeking above the wooden nest box.

It is trying to raise its head, searching for its parents.

Alarm calls.
615am: one parent returns, moves a couple sticks around (one hits the chicks head); then settles down onto the baby

Carol C

Chick got fed again & first one too. It's looking good.


current temp 68
real feel 68
wind to 3mph

mom in nest keeping bobblehead warm :-)

Sun should be up at 605am. It should be a really nice day!

thanks for the update cherrycarol about the chick!!

Darlene Nichols

.....don't you all think its time to give this family some names ?.....they have established themselves as residents of this nest and Oliver and Oliveea have hopefully moved into one of the other nests Alcoa said they built. Someone in twitter suggested naming the baby "Miracle"....something we all probably agree s/he is......how about names for mom aand dad......its so much easier to talk about them that way.......


Tough to name the parents unless someone is able to define the markings/eye pattern on each parent.

current temp 84
real feel 86

mom doing a good job sheltering the bobblehead from the searing heat of the day

male return, landing at the upper right hand corner of the nest. no fish.


correction...male did bring in a smallish fish but the female seems preoccupied about intruders.

he just left the nest with the fish.

Carol C

Miracle is good for the baby. I'm not good with names. Maybe who ever mans this site will do that. Mom sitting on chick now.

Darlene Nichols

.......well, I misspoke before when I called Oscar -Oliver- I know better but sometimes my brain and fingers don't work in synch. Carol.......you suggest letting the Alcoa people name the ospreys and that works fine with me IF THEY'D JUST DO IT ! Someone there named Oscar and Oliveea so I wish they would name these two and do it soon....I'm tired of mom/dad, male/female or whatever else is used......so, ALCOA....HOW ABOUT SOME NAMES ????? PS....baby should definitely be MIRACLE because that's what s/he is !

Fred Collins

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee.



current temp 64
real feel 64F

contact calls in the distance. must be the male.

mom keeping the bobblehead warm.

looks like some greenery sprouting around the nest. by the time the chick fledges, it will be nice sized bushes.

Rachel Gaines

Hi, little chick. You are so cute popping your little head up and looking at us.
Where are your parents?
Be careful and don't get too close to the edge of the nest box.

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