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June 19, 2014


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current temp 91
real feel 102
wind to 8 mph

mom is doing her best creating her mombrella for the chick.

amazing to watch this newbie pair! they are doing a great job.


It took awhile but these "newbie" parents are doing a gr8 job..deff a MIRACLE :)

*regardless of what name is chosen..the chick and this Season's happenings will always remain a MIRACLE to me*..just sayin ;)

Katrina Yurtenka

As someone else mentioned, can't we name the Parents as well? Dad has been a great provider and Mom has surpassed all of our expectations and fears. C'mon Alcoa Osprey Cam operators, let's DO it!

Gabriele Drozdowski

these parents have been fast learners. My worry is not about the parents, but at this point it's about the heat, coupled with the constant intrusions by other raptors that make them have to respond to protect their nest, leaving the little one exposed to the scorching sun, not because they're irresponsible parents, but out of the necessity to protect the nest as a whole. Since Ospreys get all of their hydration needs from their prey, the little one can easily get dehydrated during those times. But so far, so good. I probably worry too much.


current temp 68F
real fdeel 68F
wind to 1mph

silhouette of mom trying to catch some Zzzzzs.
Truly amazing how she is able to sleep with the bright lights of the dam in the background.

a little stretch of her wing and some preening followed by a flick of her other wing; then she settles to sleep.

dawn approaching in less than an hour.

still amazed how these inexperienced parents have done so well.


The webmaster needs to update the introduction to the Cam page. ( since this is not the original pair nor are there multiple chicks) Those of us following on FB know the full story but new folks to the webpage may not


current temp 92
real feel 99
wind to 10 mph

looks like the chick is in its rapid growth phase.
They are at the left side of the nest with mom standing on the frame of the nest and the chick underneath her.
Mom is doing her mombrella while calling for fish.


current temp 70
real feel 70
wind to 4mph

mom is near the upper right hand side of the nest. Her head is lowered so she looks like a dark ball.

really feel sorry for her, trying to catch her Zzzzz. It must be tough to tolerate 24/7 light from the dam.


current temp 89
real feel 98
wind to 8 mph

mom doing her best to mombrella her chick who is under her tail

lots of new green leaves in the nest. I guess she likes a little color to the home :-)

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