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June 10, 2014


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Name suggestion "Lucky" to be alive

Diane Ellison


Nana Kauffman

I Believe this chick has earned the name Miracle. No one thought the eggs would hatch, Everyone was wishing for a miracle to happen and Miracle appeared. Now through the first week Miracle has survived while first time parents are learning their role in meeting the chick's needs and how to provide protection. I like Miracle to be the chick's name.

Carol C

Baby got fed again. Parents have figured it out!! Nature is great!!

Lynn Gipson

Miracle should be this chicks name, as it's a miracle that it is alive.


5;13 PM CST
Adult in nest, see an egg but no chick. Did something happen to it during the afternoon antics?

Paula Babb

I think "Hope"is a good name because you never give up hope! It doesn't matter how bad life gets always have Hope!

Jan Lee

How about naming the little chick "Charlie" after Charles Hall, the founder of Alcoa? I also like the sound of "Ossie" too.

Vincent Stofan

The name should be oho solo, like from hon solo in star wars.


current temp 70
real feel 70
wind to 2mph

possible thunderstorm in the afternoon. It will be mom-brella time!

mom is presently keeping the chick covered. She is facing to the left and looking about.

Dawn approaching....maybe an early breakfast today???

Carol C

Awww! This little guy is sooo cute!! Even walking around the nest a little bit. I read it did get fed this morning. Seems to be more people on twitter here. Carol


"Nori" from The Hobbit.... he lived in the Northern Blue Mountains. Nori was one of the Dwarves named in the old Norse poem Völuspá. His name means "little scrap".

Larry Gandy

I watch this nest all the time, have never tried to comment. I agree with the name "Miracle' for the chick.

Dusty Teters

We still think that Obi One is a good name for the little fellow


current temp 90
real feel 95
wind to 12mph

Mom is doing her mum-brella for the chick who is stretching its neck to peer around the nest.

It just lowered its head and is sleeping now. I am guessing it had a good feed earlier; otherwise it would be beggin' for food.

gorgeous afternoon :-)


Another nice feeding this afternoon. Here is the pic http://t.co/xZDVpqJJCn


This pic will show the feeding...http://t.co/8XVzF7NT2y


It's raining hard and very windy at 7pm eastern time. Mom's doing a great job sheltering her little one. It appears her maternal instincts have kicked in for sure.
Oh, I'm so proud.

Carol C

She did a good job & still covering baby. Hope the worst is over.


Raining very hard and mom is doing a great job. here is pic http://t.co/NO9oIX35xF


Breakfast after last nights storm http://t.co/kMym5U4ajR


current temp 69
real feel 69

dad just flew in with an enormous headless fish. Must have attracted a black crow(?) cuz it is waiting below.

mom enjoys a few bites before starting to feed the chick.

dad is sounding off warning/alarm chirps...there is an osprey nearby.

mom tries to feed the chick more food but it refuses.

mom done with breakfast. she hasn't eaten the entire fish. Still a lot left

mom tucks the chick under her.
little one seems to be wiggling a lot and mom gets up. she repositions herself, facing right.

you can still hear osprey calls in the distance.

Katrina Yurenka

Folks on Alcoa Osprey Cam Facebook have been working on naming the parents... Molly and Nat are the current favorites.

Fred Collins

The chick hs already learned to point his rear end out of the nest and propell his poop into the great beyond. Wish humans potty trained so early!!

Mary Williams

This little chick is strong but the parents have learned and are trying hard against lots of harassment. The parents deserve some credit for the life of the chick. The chick lives on the river, and rivers have multi-personalities. Yadi would be a good name.

Dusty Teters

Obi One...may the force be with you!

He or she is really going to need the natural force of life to survive those irresponsible parents who keep leaving it unattended. All the other Ospreys I watched show at least one parent with the tiny chicks at all times.

Poor Obi One...I hope he/she makes it.


Little bit of shade and a nice full crop. here is pic http://t.co/4V8KHhqvRb


thanks, Blaine for the nice captures!

Glad to see the chick is getting some shade from its parent :-)

It must be terribly hot this weekend.


current temp 87
real feel 90

wind to 7mph

mom creating her mom-brella over the chick who is resting

good to see that the chick is thriving...

You think this chick has it tough...check the Ocam at

there are 4 chicks (so far) at the nest. c4 is way behind development from its siblings. It is getting attacked right now, but at least it was able to get some food before it happened.
difficult to raise 4 chicks...usually the last one hatched rarely survives unless the fish supply is plentiful
In this case, I am not sure. There is not a blog/FB page



dad brought in a whopper headless fish!!

chick is slow to get up. it must be full from the last feed.

ok...getting a view of mom's tush, but it looks like the chick is having an early dinner.

Fred Collins

Ma is moving sticks to make the nest deeper and harder for chick to climb out of. Pa just came and took away the fish remains.

Carol C

Monday morning. Pruning just like mom is & foggy.Alcoa eagle cam is off line. Hope not long Rudy is starting to branch now.


current temp 69
real feel 69
wind to zero

definitely a foggy/misty morning. at least it isn't HHH (hot humid heat)

Mom on nest rearranging the furniture. Mom/dad are great at decorating with greenery!

chick is busy preening itself. chick is darker now...and growing.

dad must be perched on the camera.


Are you serious? I just voted quickly and left the page. When I came back, the results page had changed drastically. Someone is "stacking the deck" so to speak, in the last 15 minutes. I assume so their choice will win. Not fair at all. I wont say which name I am voting for so Alcoa can go look at the results for themselves to see how many times an IP address has voted.
I hope this gets straightened out and soon.


OspreyLvr, Alcoa had a naming contest at their eagle cam a few weeks ago and the same thing happened, it turned out to be a big farce. I thought they would have come up with a different way to vote here. You certainly can't rely on people to be fair and honest on their own any more!!! Sad


OspreyLvr & Donna, y'all seem to be very passionate about whatever name you voted for but this is supposed to be for fun. You both have the opportunity to vote a many times as you want, but keep in mind - #1 this bird will never know what name won and #2 in about 3-4 weeks he will be gone and this process will happen again next year. Good luck on your name selection.

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