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June 09, 2014


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Paula Babb

This sweet baby needs to be rescued!! He is hungry, hot and suffering!! Please save him!!


It has to be Miracle! So far it's very lucky to be here!


I think the name should be lucky


Miracle is good, but I'm going to throw Timex into the mix. This little one has sure taking a lickin' with these two inexperienced parents. Which as sure given me a greater respect for my older sister.

Richard Landesman

Lazarus - is my suggestion


Is that MONDAY June 16th or FRIDAY June 13... There is NO FRIDAY THE 16TH


I suggest the name "Chance"


Well, thus far I think an angel has been overlooking this little chick, so I think Gabriel might be appropriate.


current temp 88
real feel 94
wind to 8mph

missed the feeding of chick by mom. She just left the nest. Dad is on the right side of the nest, eating fish and trying to feed the chirping chick.
He is trying (again) to feed the chick as it complains and doesn't want to eat.

It probably wants some shade right now to avoid the blistering heat of the day. Hopefully it will start cooling down soon

A bit of greenery is decorating the upper left side of the nest.

Dad looks perplexed and confused over the constant chirping of the chick.


Stamina. That chick needs to have a lot of it to deal with those parents.

Katrina Yurtenka

I'm now thinking Maybe as a name: maybe it will make it and maybe it won't - sigh... Chance, as someone said, is also good. As is Miracle.



dad finished the leftover fish and departed from nest.

Poor chick has its head up and panting from the heat of the afternoon. I can hear it chirping for its parents. If that is what you would characterize as a distress call by the chick, it would certainly attract a crow!

418pm mom is back and standing at the lower left side of the nest.

current temp 89
real feel 95

no wonder the chick is complaining!

Lynne Ezzell

I think Lucky Louis!

Katrina Yurtenka

Plucky! for a name.

Georgina Cowie

This baby is a miracle and also a marvel. I submit both names.

Paul Jensen

I believe "Miracle" would be a fitting name.

Carol C

I like Miracle.

Carole Massey

Miracle suits this little one.

Kathy Mitchell

How about "Rocky" for a name? He is a fighter and an underdog!

Katrina Yurtenka

I like Rocky and Marvel!

Dusty Teters

Our family chooses the name Obi for the baby osprey

Dusty Teters

I forgot to add it's middle name...so that would make it Obi One (Grin)




current temp 65
real feel 65
wind to zero

There is an unusual bluish cast this morning...almost fog like.
mom is in the nest, facing left. She dozes on/off..she lifts her head and stares at the distance; then slowly drops her head.



It is Latin - To be healthy, strong.

L'inda Azzalina-Ketrow

His/Her name has to be Miracle. Let's face it, there's no other explanation!

Lin Pascarella

My first thought was Lucky, so will stick with it, as, I see, others have, too.

Paula Babb

Please rescue this baby he/she can not take much more!!PLEASE!!


I like the name Miracle too.

And I just want to say that I see the twitter feed and comments here too about this baby being neglected. While these parents aren't the most doting I've seen, they are definitely learning and doing fine, I think. I've watched the baby get lots of feedings, and the parents have brought in some softer nest materials as well. Osprey nests are mostly exposed to the sun, from what I've seen, and I therefore have to assume they are built to be able to withstand some exposure to the sun. I watch several nests & all the parents leave the babies alone at some point. You have to remember that while we can't see the parent, he/she is probably very near by, but out of camera view. I notice on the twitter feed that some people point out every little "fault" they see in the baby's care, but never seem to notice the nurturing that the baby does get. And bottom line, it is nature, and not all babies will make it. That's the reality--sad but true.
Just my 2 cents.

BadHorse, the Thoroughbred of Sin

Stephanie, thank you for your wise words. I have been feeling the same way about the heaping doses of criticism these fledgling parents have received here. I certainly hope everyone hating on this pair is (1) a flawless parent in their own right, and (2) realizes that they're trolling osprey ... Seriously, who does that?

In other news, this baby's name is Floopsy. That is all.


11:15 CST
Parent in nest with chick. Wings of parent are semi-spread to shade chick. Ospreys learn to parent on their own, they don't have examples like humans


Very well put Stephanie...I agree 100% with your words...

Carolyn Groves

For quite awhile I have felt pity for these new parents. They are here. They have eggs. Now what. I cannot believe that an egg hatched. This hatchling has had a very rough start to life. It is definitely a miracle and it is very lucky to be here. So, either term would be an appropriate name.

Janice Almond

Karma seems appropriate to me.




This little one sure does move around great!! Here is a recent photo http://t.co/bbdOiPhb1I


Baby - -SAPONA !!- the name of the river before it was called the Yadkin.
Sapona River is the name given by the Indian inhabitants of the rivers banks.

Sandy Fessenden

Survivor could also be a name, he/she is certainly one.


"Nori" is the name I suggest....like from the movie "the Hobbit"..Nori also lived in the Blue Northern Mountains

Dusty Teters

How is little Obi One surviving without any food? I never see the parents bring any fish to the nest.

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