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June 16, 2014


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All of the names are very befitting however I chose MIRACLE because I personally think it was more than "Luck" that an egg hatched and the parents "natural instincts" kicked in..

But we all had "Hope" and as "Luck" would have it we can all "Marvel" at the MIRACLE :)

Carol C

Good one Sher. What's up with the big log in front now??


Voted. Numbers didn't change.


As I tune in and watch this poor baby bird sitting there crying out by itself non stop how can anyone have anything good to say about there two clueless parents is beyond unbelievable. The only name I can think of is poor little bird.


After checking the Voting Results so far it appears there's also "automated voting" going on here with this list of names..same as there was in naming the Alcoa Eaglet this year..

Shame that type of voting is allowed..jmho

Carol C

lETS HOPE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN HERE TOO. People?? Baby sleeping dad in & out. Rudy has finally been branching. Awesome!


Thank you Alcoa for sponsoring this nest and letting us all learn more about North Carolina osprey. These birds are obviously first time parents, unlike last year's osprey. They have a lot to learn, but they are trying. Nature is not always perfect but we get to see an example of good and not so good that's happening in osprey nests around the Northern hemisphere. I'm voting for Miracle, because each wild creature that survives is a miracle.


I think the little bird beat the long odd's so I call it "LUCKY". I don't believe in magic / miracles.

Carol C

Mom here to make shade.

Linda G

I seem to be in minority but I like HOPE. Hope is a girl's name and this little chick gives us HOPE for her survival (she is obviously strong) and HOPE the future of osprey everywhere.

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