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June 16, 2014


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current temp 92
real feel 100

wind to 3mph

yikes it is really hot right now. Poor mom panting away and spreading out her feathers and wings to keep herself cool and the chick.

Kudos, mom!!


current temp 67
real feel 67
wind to zero

mom spotted an intruder and is off.
Little chick looks a bit sleepy

mom returns. Am I imagining it? There is a white spot on the top of the chick's head!


mom tried to move the stick with the multiple pine cones. I guess she didn't like where it was positioned.
In the process of doing the movement, she nearly clobbers the chick.

whoops, she just found an old piece of fish and is feeding the chick

dad is on the cam perch.

my how this chick has grown. It is in its reptilian stage now. what a difference it is from its first beginnings.


11:05 A.M. CST

Looks like the nest got wet overnight. Chick under adult in the shade. Has really grown a lot. Parents seem to have gotten the hang of parenting Hope they keep up the good work.


current temp 92
real feel 100
wind to 12mph

yeeks. awfully HHH day at the nest!Fortunately there is a good breeze; otherwise it will be unbearable.

mom is trying her best to do her mombrella
she is calling for fish fish fish. You can hear her mate in the distance.


current temp 69
real feel 69
wind to 1mph

can see the silhouette of mom. It will be dawn in 2 hours.

good to know that the temp is very much cooler in the early morn.

hope it will be better day...not a triple digit temp!


checked again...mom is standing up and snoozin'
with her wings slightly spread out...probably to keep her balance. good girl!

the chick must be getting too big to snuggle its entire body under her.


current temp 71F
real feel 71F
wind to 2mph

today is forecast to be nearly the same temp as yesterday YUK!!

a cluster of oak(?) leaves on the left side of the nest...a bit of colorful decor :-)
seems like the chick has grown overnight...it looks huge!

still like that tuft of white on the top of its head...really neat...a bit of character to its reptilian head.
Its coloration blends well with the branches in the nest.

mom just left...baby is alone. she is back again and doing nestorations.


current temp 96F
real feel 104F
wind to 6 mph

mombrella action with chick lying beneath. They are at the upper left hand side of the nest and mom is softly chirping...

mom takes off. you can hear the chick chirping loudly. It decided to move and slid toward the middle of the nest.

mom lands back on the nest and takes off 10 seconds later.

she lands back on the nest and the chick hurries to get under her.

she needs a break and a quick dip in the water



haven't seen a fish delivery by dad yet...


current temp 69F
real feel 69F
wind to zero
clear skies

temp forecast same as yesterday. Yuk! Anudder sweltering day....

mom is trying to get some Zzzzzs


current temp 67
real feel 67
wind to zero

mom calling dad for morning breakfast. chick finds it hard to get up. tries to move a stick.

kinda neat to see chick with its white spot on the top of its head.

mom decides to do some nestorations, too.

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