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June 20, 2014


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Darlene Nichols

.....time to name the parents ALCOA.....please, no contest......let employees name them as they did the two O's

Rosemary Hirst

I am watching the webcam from Wigan, Lancashire, England. I have not seen the chick being fed yet and I have only seen one adult bird with it so far, but it is obviously thriving.


Why name something that is wild and you will never know if you see it after it leaves the area?


Let's just call them Ma & Pa since they are wild birds. Who knows what they call each other!!

Carol C

Wow! It is really windy now. Must be a storm coming.

Fred Collins

Crows are roosting on a railing and apparently flying ny once in a while. Ma is vigilant and screeching. Hardly wqaking up Lucky!!


These 2 Ospreys have become such good parents..

Kinda makes me feel a bit guilty when my earlier comments were not always favorable..

Now I can't mention often enough how this entire Osprey Family is a MIRACLE :)

Rachel Gaines

This osprey couple have come a long way in learning to be parents of this adorable chick; and they are being more successful every day.
Congratulations to them; and I'm so glad to see the chick thriving.

Thanks, Alcoa, for once again giving us a grand view of nature with these beautiful birds.
Happy day, everyone


current temp 84
real feel 90
wind to 11mph

forecast cooler than yesterday. what a relief!

mom sounds intruder alert and the chick doesn't seem afraid...normal reaction is to hunker down, but i guess it will come as it grows older.

full crop and it appears to have doubled in size! Its small beginnings is a distant memory...
it is definitely 'reptilian' and its pin feathers are appearing and the white pin stripe is diminishing in size.


current temp 71
real feel 71

wind to 6mph

I guess the chick is too big now for mom to settle over.
She is standing at the top left side of the nest, facing inward.
Her head is lowered, trying to catch her Zzzzs.

Rosemary Hirst

Thrilled to see both parent birds on the nest a few minutes ago. It looks as if it is just coming light so maybe I will see them feeding soon.

Fred Collins

Osprey chicks must be very efficient at converting food into growth. It is almost a though every meal shows up the next day as a significantly bigger bird. I guess a fish diet is good for building muscle and sinew, not fat.
Shushi, anyone?

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