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July 08, 2014


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current temp 74
real feel 74
wind to 1mph

possible high of 92 today with some % storms

mom is at her usual post...on left side of the nest, facing to the right and preening herself.
she is getting ready for another busy day taking care of the yougn one!

It is still dark except for the ghostly glow from the lights of the dam

Fred Collins

Dad came in and rearranged some furniture. Mom beat his ear something awful so he left.

Carol C

Miracle had a good dinner. sure is looking like mom & dad now.


current temp 70
real feel 70

today forecast cooler than yesterday. possible t-storms

mom is trying to sleep at her usual station...left side of the nest. Her head is bowed. Wonder if she feels uncomfortable in this position.

the bright lights from the dam again creates a dark silhouette of mom as she tries to catch her Zzzzzzs....

amazing how these birds put up with the lighting, but I guess it is temporary. Soon they will be on their way south, leaving us with ENS (empty nest syndrome)

Fred Collins

Is the egg finally gone? Did anyone see how/where it went?


MIRACLE is growing into a beautiful Osprey :)

Am ashamed I once doubted the abilities/instincts of his/her parents..they sure proved me (and I think some others) wrong ;)


Fred...haven't seen the unhatched egg. maybe it is lying next to the lower part of the platform so it isn't visible.
Just a guess.

Sher...caring about life is nothing to be ashamed of. I had doubts but figured Nature will find a way and it did.
I am glad the newbies only had one to take care of and they both are doing a fantastic job:-)


current temp 70F
real feel 70F
wind to 1mph

mom is on guard (with her head bent downward)at the left side of the nest, trying to catch her Zzzzz.
Occasionally you can see her baby flicking its wing.

Quiet night as usual.

Lin Pascarella

Now that Miracle is almost a "teen" and flexing his wings, is it possible to widen the focus of the camera a bit? I think it would be easier to see all the activity of the nest if we were back a bit. Then we could also see the approach of the parents and other birds around the dam. Thanks. Love watching every day!

Fred Collins

Miracle trying to hide is now sorta like the ostrich putting its head in the sand.Wonder who Mom is chasing? As Lin suggests a wider angle view might give us a clue,but I'm sure adjusting the flow of water following rain has a higher priority.


Miracle is almost as tall as her parents! Guess she's showing all of us doubters that Mother Nature knows best. Does anyone know when she might fledge? Looks like she's getting her wings ready to try soon.

Fred Collins

Miracle's crop is so big it looks like a beer belly. Can't fledge with that much baggage!

Carol C

The whole family is home Miracle is as big as mom & dad.


current temp 67
real feel 67
no wind

mom is at the left side of the nest, facing the cam.

poor mom...amazing how she is able to sleep with the lights from the dam glaring.



poor mom trying to get some Zzzzs and her baby's flapping wings hit her on her head

Ah me..she stretches her wings and joins her baby in preening feathers. May as well get up

dawn is approaching....another busy day of feeding the beeg chick.


current temp 72
real feel 72
no wind

Mom is at her usual station...left side of the nest but facing toward the dam this time.

She is wide awake and occasionally preening her feathers.

Can't see the little one. Probably fast asleep



looks like the little one is awake now. it is at the upper right hand corner of the nest doing a couple wing flaps.

mom is now facing the cam, working on her feathers

looks like they are getting ready for another busy day



I noticed the breast feathers on the chick is partially gone. No feathering along its keel bone. never saw this before.

more wing flaps by the chick. Mom is standing at the lower left hand corner of the nest, calling for fish.

Fred Collins

It lies on its belly so much the feathers either didn't grow or got rubbed off. Mom hovers over it so much I don't see how it has time to stretch and try its wings. Maybe I'm just too much of a worry wart.


thanks fred.

I checked another nest and the young ones also exhibit the bareness on their chest area.

no worries :-) just lazy chicks that enjoy lying around


A few minutes ago Miracle was on her feet and flapping her wings.

Paula Babb

Just hope those workers don't scare Miracle of the nest!! It's crazy to have workers up there before fledge!!!!!


current temp 69
real feel 69
wind to 2 mph

mom and the little one are busy preening their feathers. Early risers!

Yes, I did see the workers on the dam but I am assuming it was something necessary to be done even though they lazily strolled back and forth.

the adults were the ones where were upset over the close proximity of the humans

little one was flattened on the nest



missed the fish delivery. Mom is busy tearing away at the fish to feed them both.

Looks like it is one though fish...took a bit of energy to pull off the meat and skin!!

Mom is doing a great job as always.

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