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July 22, 2014


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Fred Collins

Miracle is pruning the last vestiges of "baby fuzz" from her plumage. She's ready to fledge, so get on with it, Miracle.

Carol C

Happy Birthday. I'm sure she'll be coming back for awhile.


She is just 52 days old today, might need a few more days yet. She doesn't seem in any hurry, despite the lack of shade and insects everywhere!


First off, I would like to thank Alcoa for sponsoring the webcam. Next, I was wondering if they could zoom the camera out a little so we can see more of the action around the nest. Might give us a better view when that first flight occurs, wider field of view would mean we see more of that first flight...if you're lucky enough to be watching at that moment in time of course.


This is only my second time back this year; I am so glad to see Miracle continue. My dad loved last year's episode, with all of us, so it is nice to think of him now flying with these beautiful birds as if he were back piloting a PBY. Thanks Alcoa and all fellow nature lovers for connecting us to ourselves through our wonderful world.

Fred Collins

Too bad Miracle doesn't have some nearby branches, like the eagles, for short practice flights. She peers over the sides of the nest, and it must seem a long way to the first landing!
Go, Miracle!

Rachel Gaines

Happy eight week birthday, Miracle, and have a happy fledging.
Good job, osprey parents!

Carol C

When both were facing towards the front I couldn't tell who was who! WOW!! What a big Girl or Boy it is!! Happy Birthday Miracle! Thanks Alcoa too!!


Thank you Alcoa, a great job and tremendously educational, we lived in Albemarle, but now live in Florida, so we miss the Carolinas, this link keeps us in touch with the beauty of the area.
A pity the Alcoa watermark is not at the bottom the screen instead of the top, when trying to screen capture, Miracle's head is covered by the logo.


I've been watching all morning, and the momemt that Miracle takes her first flight, the camera stops, so when I restart it, I see she's flown. Can you get that camera to stop freezing up when there's a lot of motion? I wonder if others had this problem, or am I the only unlucky one who missed seeing her fly, when I happened to be watching - heavy sigh!!!!


Great news...went to get a cup of coffee and missed liftoff :-(

Good going little one!!


You must be unlucky I saw the whole take off live.. Awesome!!


12:50 p.m. Miracle flew from near right corner of the nest! Shortly after a shadow could be seen flying left to right over the dam, don't know of which bird. Feel lucky to have seen that :)


I must be the unlucky one then. My picture freezes up a lot. Hope I catch her the next time! Hope they move the camera back too.


Here is a video of Miracle's flight from the nest. at 1:00 pm 7/25/14

'Miracle's Fledgling Flight!' 1:00 pm _7.25.14_


Donna Perriello

Could you pull the camera back a little so we can see Miracle flying in and taking off


Thanks for the video Carolyn.


oh gosh - I've been watching this nest all year and I missed Miracle fledging :(! Oh well. Thank you Alcoa - it has been a real pleasure to watch these 3. I hope the parents come back next year.


Went shopping, came home, Miracle has left the house.


Thank you for the video Carolyn. I switched the webcam on just a few minutes after Miracle fledged.

Carol C

Thanks for the video Carolyn. I'm sure she'll be back again. You could tell she really wanted to go!! Good for Miracle!!


Just switched on in time to see an osprey on the nest. It flew away within seconds so cannot be sure whether it was Miracle or a parent.


If anyone reads these comments, could you please try to see if Miracle is safe with her parents? I THINK dad had to defend the nest against a stunningly attractive intruder yesterday but there was a lot of interest from both in something happening beneath the nest as both looked down there for a while. I heard lots of calls which could have been our female asking for her mate to bring fish, hopefully for her and Miracle.



dawn approaching and the nest is empty.

Hope someone can get to the dam and see if they can spot Miracle.

Horst Medenwaldt

11.00am at Alcoa:
Miracle is back and all is fine...
see pic:


Fred Collins

Poor Miracle all tired out after a night out on the town, so to speak!

Carol C

Time for a nap.

Roberta Gintz

Miracle fledged on my birthday, July 25. I've watched since hatch. Laughed and cried for her.(I think she is a her) I'll never forget.
Be safe little girl!

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