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July 01, 2014


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current temp 91
real feel 104
wind to 10mph

awful temperature today for mom osprey who is doing her best to do her mombrella.

chick is panting and breathing fast to keep cool.

Carol C

Miracle is even moving sticks around. Getting so big & cute!

The Alcoa eagle cam is out from our bad storms we had last night. 5 inches of rain in 2 hours. Flooding. Not good.


lunch time for the little one @ 1:24 pm July 2nd here is pic http://t.co/NNaU4AFdrF


current temp 75
real feel 75
wind to 1mph

forecast same as yesterday; possible T-storms and showers in PM

Mom is at the left side of the nest, facing the cam. seems like she is awake...doing some preening. Too bad the lights at the dam can't be dimmed during O season but I guess she will manage somehow.

can't make out where the chick is.


current temp 73F
real feel 72F

Morning light...
mom standing at the lower left side of the nest and is busy cleaning her feathers.

The baby is snoozing in front of her


current temp 61F
real feel 61F
wind to 2mph

beautiful (after 4th of July) morning...plenty of sunshine in the forecast this holiday weekend.

Mom is diligently watching the chick as it sleeps at the 6 o clock side of the nest.



the chick is growing so fast!! Can't believe it was a month ago that this little one was brought into this world of challenges. So far so good :-)

both parents are on the alert as they land then take off from the nest.

Fred Collins

That old egg is still intact! Has resisted all the take-offs and landings as well as the furniture rearrangements.
Mom sure hovers over Miracle. Typical when there's an only child, I suppose. When will the proverbial apron strings be cut?

Carol C

Mom is doing a great job protecting Miracle. Lots of birds flying this morning. Dad just brought in a huge branch. Watch out Miracle. Hew got out of the way!

Rachel Gaines

Seeing all three this morning with Miracle taking a nap.
It is amazing how the egg is still there unbroken. Wonder if they would ever carry it off.
Have a good morning, osprey family
Happy Fourth weekend, everyone

Rachel Gaines

I'm watching Miracle get a good lunch with what looks like a catfish that Dad brought in.
Mom seems to be having a time pulling that tough skin.
Have a good day


current temp 91F
real feel 96f
wind to 15mph

mombrella time! she is providing some shade for sleepy chick :-)

It is a beautiful summer afternoon regardless of the hot temp. Luckily there is a good wind to keep them cool

Fred Collins

Miracle trying to take a bite of the catfish remains. No luck, so Mom tears it up. Miracle almost choked on one big piece and finally let it drop. Mom took it end-on not crossways and got it down with some strenuous gulps! May not ask Dad for more catfish!


current temp 69F
real feel 69F
wind zero

Reflection: it is good to see mom regularly remaining overnight at the nest, protecting her baby. The pair has gone through a remarkable transformation after the hatch.

right now she is at her usual spot...left side of the nest, facing to the right. Her baby is snoozing peacefully in front of her.

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