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July 28, 2014


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Who wants, can view some hundred pics of the Alcoa-osprey-nest this year and last year:


This has really been an exciting season to watch the nest. I felt so sorry for the new parents when they faithfully sat on the eggs that we all new probably wouldn't hatch. And then to watch Miracle grow and witness how nature teaches the new parents to parent.

Fred Collins

It has been an exciting and educational year. Thanks Yadkin Alcoans from a retired Alcoan.

Linda Oliver

Of all the Osprey families that I have watched, this one has touched my heart the most. Miracle's mom turned out to be fantastic - loyal, fierce and loving. Just like any new parent she had a lot to learn, but now she and Miracle are exceptionally close. I hope that the parents return next year and Miracle lives a long, happy life.


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ENS creeping in but am very happy that Miracle has fledged and is on its way to a wonderful new life filled with adventure.

Yep, great parents! I hope to see them back again next year and have a successful nest!

Thank U for the wonderful cam that allows us watch nature unfold :-)


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Mom is at the lower left hand side of the nest, facing toward the center.
Miracle looks like a mini adult now! He is standing at the upper right side of the nest, facing toward the center of the nest and complaining for his morning breakfast.

Another osprey is calling in the distance and mom seems to recognize who it is.


Could you zoom out the cam like last year did? Thank you!

Lin Pascarella

This has been the most agonizing and exciting year! Miracle, Mom, & Dad succeeded against what seemed to be insurmountable odds and taught us all a life lesson. Thanks, Alcoa for the opportunity to watch this miracle of nature! (no pun intended! Well, maybe....) When you get time, could you zoom out agan to show more of the lake? Thanks!


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Miracle was feeding on a fish for a while, then gave up and walked over to the left side of the nest.
Mom saw there was a bit of fish left, so she headed over and started eating.

good mom...Miracle is still a little hungry so she is feeding Miracle while having a bit or 2 for herself.

It was a definite rollercoaster start but the newbie parents and chick survived this season :-) Kudos to the parents for doing such a great job.

Rachel Gaines

Congratulations, Miracle, on your fledging; and congratulations to the parents for successfully raising this beautiful osprey chick.
It was a slow go in the beginning for this new couple just learning parenthood; but it was exciting to see how they caught on and the blessing is Miracle!
Thanks, Alcoa, for yet another great season of osprey watching.
Hope we get to see this couple or Oscar and Oliveea next year.

Blessed days to everyone

Carol C

Mom sitting in the nest all alone.
This has been an amazing year to watch Miracle grow up. Thank you Alcoa!!


Loved the opportunity to watch Mother Nature at work. Hope for the future for us all! Thanks Alcoa.


Thanks for the new camera angle. Did you realise the sound has gone?



mom and Miracle on the nest. Miracle calling for breakfast!


It has indeed been an amazing Osprey Season..

I speak for myself (and perhaps others who would agree) when I say that so many "life lessons" can be learned from watching this nest:

1. Never assume anything

2. Think positive unless proven otherwise

3. Be patient

and I think above all else:


Fred Collins

Does anyone know whether Miracle has caught a fish yet, or are Mom and Dad still bringing them? Sometimes Mom still feeds Miracle and other times Miracle eats by herself until full and Mom finishes off the left-overs.


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No one home


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Miracle is now perched at mom's usual position on the nest...lower left corner.

Rebob mentioned about something wrong with Miracle's wing.
It looks ok to me...just a bit droopy. Probably relaxed and getting ready for sleep.

cam just switched to night viewing.

Fred...dunno if Miracle has caught a fish yet. Parents will continue to bring fish to the fledgling for a while.

Carol C

Miracle is sweeking to mom> I'm hungry!! & actually chased her out of the nest.

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