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July 16, 2014


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Fred Collins

Mom eyeing something(s?) and Miracle crouching down again. It would be nice to know what is perceived as a threat. Perhaps a zoom-out of the camera would help. Is that possible?

Rachel Gaines

I'm glad that all is well with our osprey family


current temp 64F
real feel 64F
wind to 2 mph

Wow...been away from the computer and missed the stormy weather. Glad to hear all is well at the nest and all are ok.

mom is at her usual position, with her head tucked and trying to catch some ZZzzzzs.
Just got waken up by the baby who flipped its wing. She tries to keep her head up but is slowly falling asleep again...good.


current temp 60F
reel feel 60F
wind zero

it is still dark but dawn is near. Mom's head is tucked between her wings
She is resting comfortably :-)

The lights from the dam cast a golden glow over the walkway.

Fred Collins

Why should I fledge? Dad brings food. Mom tears it up feeds it to me, hovers over me to shade me from the sun and rain, stands guard against intruders. I can lie around, move sticks once in a while and have my afternoon siesta. I know a good thing when I see it.

Miracle Osprey

Carol C

LOL Fred. Glad they made thru the storm ok. Be nice o have cooler weather. We r getting it in IL now & it is great!! Carol


current temp 62F
real feel 62F

mom is on the alert and chirping loudly with her wings partially spread out.

Baby is growing so fast! It is hunkered down under mom who is yelling loudly.


current temp 65
real feel 65

mom currently feeding the chick. Interesting to see a number of black crows perched on the dam's rails...it is as if they were waiting to be fed, too.

The darken feathers on the upper part of the chick's leg look like pantaloons :-)


current temp 76F
real feel 78F

mom is working hard, feeding the hungry one :-)

I've noticed there is a number of flying insects at the upper left hand corner of the nest.
Looks like bees or wasps.

I've seen this situation before at the Hellgate nest in Missoula, MT. Didn't bother the family much.

Fred Collins

Now we see Momma doesn't want the Vultures arond, even on the railings. Meanwhile Ms Miracle has full crop and lies around like she has no thoughts of fledging.


current temp 74F
real feel 70F
wind to 6 mph

poor little one! Rainy day and it is hunkered down at the right side of the nest.

Where is mom??


current temp 70F
real feel 70F
no wind

mom is trying to catch her Zzzzzs at her usual spot on the nest (upper left corner)

Terrible direct light from the lamp posts that glare at the nest. I hope someone will do something about it for the next season.

I sent an email to Alcoa about this. Must be difficult for the adult to get a good night's rest.

mom is presently preening herself. Can't see where the chick is .

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