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August 07, 2014


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Could you pull back on the camera a little-so we can so more of whats happening off the nest.

Lin Pascarella

I agree with Odessa. It would be nice to have a wider view.

Fred Collins

But dog in the manger Miracle won't share the end of a fish with Mom and will apparently stand like a statue until Mom goes away from the nest. Strange are nature's ways.


current temp 78
real feel 74


Good to be able to see Miracle at the nest. Migration will happen in the next few weeks, so the ENS (empty nest syndrome)is starting to creep in :-(
She is in such a fine condition and it is nice to hear that she is interacting with the other juvies in the area.

She is standing at the upper left corner of the nest box, facing to the left. Occasional chirps emitted. Wonder if she will remain at the nest or head out to a nearby tree?


current temp 71
real feel 71

well it looks like Miracle has decided that perching on the nest is the best place to be for the night.

she is not sleeping...rather busy preening her feathers. A little stretch of one leg as it sweeps under one wing. Ahhhh, must feel good.


current temp 70
real feel 70
wind to 3mph

Miracle is snoozing away at her favorite side of the nest box...left side.
Her head is tucked under her wing.

Seems like she is accustomed to to the glaring lights of the dam. It doesn't bother her at all.


current temp 77
real feel 80
wind to 3mph

possible T-storms. Looks like it rained earlier.

Miracle is at the nest chirping for lunch (I suppose)Her crop looks almost full. She is in fine condition.

301pm...sounds of piping being thrown down nearby. She spotted the worker(s) and took off before the commotion began.


current temp 73F
real feel 73F

Light is shedding its effects on the darkness of night.

Nest is empty. I guess this time Miracle is spending the night roosting somewhere else.

John Nelson

Is it possible to pan out some since Miracle has fledged...thanks


Please pull the camera back so we can see all the action. It's such a beautiful area, and we'd love to catch a glimpse of our Miracle playing! Thanks.


current temp 58F
real feel 58F
wind to 5mph

No one at home. A good sign that Miracle is learning to seek other places to roost.

Wonder when she will decide to start her migration?


Have just seen a vulture on the nest.


current temp 59
real feel 59

no one home.



Miracle has been patiently waiting for nearly an hour for breakfast.

Looks in such fine shape!!

Lin Pascarella

Thank you for widening the focus angle. Now we can watch Miracle approach the nest. Also, I love the view of the lake. Reminds me of summers when I was a kid!


Thank you, Alcoa! I really like the expanded view.


current temp 83F
real feel 89F

wind to 5mph

Fabulous view of the nest and lake! Thank you for the change.

Nest is empty...Miracle and parents are probably enjoying the shade of the trees.

Fred Collins

Miracle waiting for supper. She'd better learn to fish soon.


sunrise 640am
sunset 808pm

current temp65f
real feel 65f

still dark at the nest...only glow from the lamp lights on the dam

no one home.

Carol C

Miracle was on the nest for a bit. Love the new view. Thanks Carol


Haven't seen Mom in about a week. Heard some terrible cries from an osprey below the nest area the same evening she was last seen on the nest. Miracle was obviously concerned and kept looking down at the time. It seems early for Mom to have migrated. Has anyone from Alcoa seen Mom?


Is most osprey fishing activity on the side of the dam we can't see from the cam?


sara...that doesn't bode well. I am sure mom is okay.

I hope someone else will give us a report about mom and dad.

thanks for your observation.

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