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March 19, 2015


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Donna Millard

Great, thanks for the picture, good to see the nest from another angle.

Lin Pascarella

Thank you for the new post. This puts things in better perspective. Always thought the nest was closer to the walkway! Looks great!

Rachel Gaines

Thanks, Alcoa, for the new view of the nest box.
Looks like a nice nest is starting to take shape. Hope they can keep the buzzards at bay.

Good job, osprey pair

Happy osprey watching, all


There has been no sound on the feed since yesterday.

Carol C

Thanks for the shot of the new nest. Gives me a good persective now. Very nice & more branches too!!


Thanks, the nest is looking much better. I really was worried.


Wow, the nest is looking great! And, remember last year, and how the ospreys looked nervous all the time? They seemed constantly bothered and left the nest constantly. That's why it was a miracle any of the eggs hatched. They look much more at ease this year. Unless, of course, the nervousness starts after the eggs are laid. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but I still have a good feeling about this year.
Thanks for the different perspective of the nest.

George T.

Is the new nest pan made from aluminum?


Anyone else having problems with the feed stopping/buffering/restarting continuously?

Sure wish I could get a "steady" stream..


Does the pan have drain holes

Rachel Gaines

GM all
I've been having some of those problems, Sher. It could be the weather sometimes interfering with it.

Gene, I think I remember reading about the pan having several drain holes.

George T, I was wondering what the pan was made out of too. I thought maybe some kind of tough plastic, but you are probably right
about it being aluminum.

Alcoa, thanks for any info on this.

Have a blessed day, and happy osprey watching


To me, the pan looks like it is made of a super tough plastic, some kind of a composite. If it's aluminum, we might just have a cooked egg on the nest, I would think that would get so hot. Plus, wouldn't aluminum corrode? I'm sure this was all well thought out before the nest pan was put into place.
I'm hoping for egg(s) any time now.


the nest pan looks great and i'm glad they are using it without difficulties. cant wait for the laying to begin.


These osprey sure are getting lousy weather. Raining, winding, then freezing.

Rachel Gaines

It's a windy but nice day for the ospreys.
I see they are building a nice nest.
Good job, osprey pair, and hope we see some eggs soon.

Have a blessed evening, everyone

Rachel Gaines

Happy Palm Sunday, all

It's a nice, but windy day at the lake
I guess it was Mrs. Osprey on the nest just now.
She was chirping, maybe for Mr. Osprey to bring her some lunch.
She finally flew off to get her own lunch, perhaps.

This is going to be an exciting week; since maybe we'll see some eggs right at Easter time. That would be great!

Have a blessed Easter week, and happy Osprey watching


Alcoa-Please check out the problem with cam-pic keeps pixling-Thanks!Love our Ospreys


I'm guessing pixellation is due to viewing numbers. Ospreys in the UK are not back yet because of bad weather in Spain and we are all getting our fix from US cams!

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