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March 10, 2015


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I was watching when the box was changed over. It would not have been possible to keep all the old sticks because of the way it was winched up into position. Shortly afterwards, several sticks were tossed in from the ground (several more missed). I have read elsewhere of a figure of 19 days from first mating to egg being laid. I know a sudden shock can put chickens off laying, so hopefully the female has some control over the process and will not lay until there is a nest prepared.


There's an osprey in there now :)!

Carol C

one sitting there now. I hope they bring more sticks in.


Where have they gone????


My gut is telling me-No excitement at Narrows Dam this year-Think they have abandoned the new nesting box-Should have been done before Ospreys arrived.What a shame.

Carol C

Just saw one again. They need some more sticks.


I'm glad to see this new nest rather then have the old rotten one fail to a wind storm with eggs/babies in it...thank you for the nice new nest Alcoa..

J R Shipley

On the nest this morning at 9:36 am.


Glad to see an osprey in the new nest box. I am watching again from England.

Rachel Gaines

It looks like they have accepted the new nesting box and are starting to build.
Welcome, osprey pair

It's a beautiful day at the lake.
Happy osprey watching, all


Really, given the secure sides & bottom, they could just bring in some soft bedding and call it a day. But, I remember that last year, there wasn't much soft material in the nest--it looked pretty uncomfortable with lots of sticks and pine cones. But, Miracle still made it.
I'm still wondering if there are drainage holes. I guess we'll find out after the first heavy rain.


Plenty of drains please click on the link to see photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/79958182@N05/16580757198/


Stephanie -I read there are two weep holes in each new box.


The past three years there was never a soft comfortable nest for the eggs or chicks, just sticks, pine cones and a few leaves


Don't want them laying eggs on bare plastic, they will roll around and the insulation/cushioning will not be as good as if they are laid on even a thin bed of sticks. Maybe if both Ospreys leave the nest someone from Alcoa could try lobbing sticks up again? I realise you have better things to do than stand around waiting for Ospreys to leave, but you could leave a pile of sticks ready for when they do.


The slippery shiny surface makes it hard for the birds to keep the sticks anchored, the sticks get no purchase on the surface, this has caused sticks to accidentally fall away if the get caught on the ospreys foot as they fly off. I very much hope that enough weighty sticks are delivered to help to anchor the whole thing together....


People quit worrying so much, the osprey know better than we do what they need to do. Just sit back, watch, and enjoy.

Becky C

I just saw one of them bring in a big stick or clump - they will figure it out😄.


Lots of work being done in the nest this morning! I was beginning to think of these two as the laziest pair of birds I've ever seen. I am having a good feeling about this year. Thanks to all for the info. about the drains-I shouldn't have worried.

Darlene Nichols

Stephanie....not fair to call them lazy....they had the first nest full of nesting materials when it was taken down and replaced with this one. Granted it may have been old and needed replacing, but it should have been done before the osprey returned......for a relatively new pair (assuming it is the same ones as last year) they worked hard at readying the first nest and did a good job........now they are just having to do it all over again. I do hope they can get it ready and that the reproductive cycle wasn't permanently interrupted for this year.

Rachel Gaines

Hello all,
I see that the osprey pair is busy arranging sticks and straw around the nest.
I guess this is a newer and different pair from the one we saw last year.
What if it was Miracle and its' mate?
That would be amazing, just like Miracle.
I think the weather is suppose to be better tomorrow, so they will have a good day to build.

Have a blessed day


They were just mating and then he flew off and within 5 minutes brought in another big stick. Mean while the little lady is enjoying standing on one foot!


I stand corrected, Darlene. Unfortunately I didn't see the first "prepared" nest before it was taken down. I guess this new one threw them off but it looks like they're back on track now. I remember last year's nest was definitely sorry looking, but, it served its purpose with little Miracle.

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