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March 15, 2015


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Carol C

So nice to see them putting sticks in there new nest. Looks like they are liking it!! Looks like the female is there now. Carol

Rachel Gaines

Good evening, all
It's a beautiful but windy day.
There's one osprey on the nest right now.
So glad they like their new nest box.
Have a good day, osprey pair.

C. Kelly

with the new non-natural nesting box, when it rains will the water fill up the nest or are there drainage holes in the bottom?


C. Kelly, I asked the same exact question last week, and was told that there ARE drainage holes in the new nest box. If you check back to one of the previous threads, you can see where this is addressed, and there is a link there with a diagram of where the drainage holes are.
So, it looks like they just need some soft material for the egg(s).

Marvin Hunt

The Osprey's mated at 7:30 a.m EST on the 8th. They'd better hurry with their nest.

Yesterday, there were 3 adults in the nest. Hadn't seen that before.

Fred Collins

Is there any report as to the status of the new boxes put on the transmission towers? Are they being lined with nesting materials, and at what rate. I realize you may not have easy visual access to them, but it would give us a clue to how industrious the birds at the dam are.

Rachel Gaines

This could be another young inexperienced pair like Miracle's parents last year.
Maybe that's why it is taking them so long to build their nest.
Hopefully nature will kick in for them and they will get a nice, soft nest in time for the eggs.
Good day, osprey pair.

Happy osprey watching, everyone

Carol C

One lonely osprey sitting in the nest

Donna Perriello

I think as a "shower" gift, ALCO could put a bale of hay on the dam for easy access for the parents. I know that in nature they build there own, but I have seen where the Eagles at the Davenport Iowa facility had brand new hay!! I also saw buzzards mating in the box one day!

Ron Isler

Good morning all, I see the Ospreys are in the nest again this morning looking as confused as ever. Makes me wonder, if perhaps, they are waiting on a drone delivery of sticks from Amazon. Certainly hope they get it all sorted out before it gets too late,I would certainly miss watching their drama unfold this season.

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