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March 10, 2015


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Benny Hart

Thank you for the opportunity to watch these amazing birds in action. Don't worry about answering everyone's question's, I know you have a job to do!!!


Hi, the new nest box looks great and I see they are moving right in. Tell me, please, are there drain holes in the bottom? I keep looking and I just can't tell. Thanks so much.


Thanks for the new nest box. Also for the time and money spent to do this and keep the camera going. These Osprey know how to take care of business and have been around for a long time. So no need to worry how many days or how much nesting material on hand. They will be fine, Thanks again Alcoa. You do a great job and keep the power coming.

Ron Isler

I too was wondering about drain holes but assumed I was concerned about something that has to be there. I also noticed, what appeared to be, some netting attached to the leg of one of the Ospreys, but decided there was little to be done, if indeed it was netting.


Hey Ron, hope there are drain holes or they are going to need some floaties or water wings. They have been busy at the new nest.


I enjoyed watching the nest from England last year and look forward to watching the ospreys again. Have they been seen on the webcam yet?

Fred Collins

Ma and Pa just seem baffled as to what happened to their old familiar box. Hope they accept the new digs or it's going to be a long Spring.

Rachel Gaines

It's a dark and rainy day for the osprey pair.
Hang in there, ospreys

Have a blessed day, everyone

Ron Isler

I see whatever was attached to the leg of the one Osprey is now gone. Evidently nature took care of the problem this time. No floating nest branches yet, ha ha.

Martha Harris

The osprey on the new box this morning lifted my heart. Thank you for having a place for them. I wondered about not having a flat surface - the new edges would seem to make it more difficult for the birds (adults and fledglings) to do their business outside the nest (the hang over the edge trick!)

Robert Brown

Yes, the nesting box has two drains. Thanks for watching!

Carol C

Both in the box now.

Fred Collins

ALCOA, what is happening at the new nesting boxes on transmission towers? Are they being "furnished" by other Ospreys?

Carol Halsey

Seems like it would have been better to shore up the existing box, rather than replace so late with no branches. I think the birds have a big problem. Looks like it's just too late this year. So sad for them. If they both leave, please try to add a bunch of branches for them...

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