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March 30, 2015


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Lin Pascarella

Thank you for the update. The nest looks good! Maybe a little padding still needed, but that will come.

Jan Schlump

There seems to be a time lapse with the camera? Like this morning its sunny and bright and the camera shows them wet and with cloudy skies and wind blowing. Is this a day behind? Really enjoy watching this.


There may be a problem with streaming. Any movement I get pixel blanks/blobs. I didn't have that issue last year.

Fred Collins

I get the same pixel problem with any movement of the birds. Is the male roosting on the camera a potential cause of that?


The video quality has gone down the tubes and the sound is doubled. I hope there are plans for repairs on the camera.

Fred Collins

Looks as if the camera is hard-wired via conduit on the pole. However, is that white stuff near the top bird poop? Hope all connections are well sealed against that stuff, as it is pretty corrosive.


Need Adobe flash to watch. Problem is, my kindle doesn't support it! I have to use my computer, but I game on that, so I can't/don't get around to watch the ospreys! Stupid thingy.

Carol C

Nest is looking good. Should be eggs soon I would think. Carol

Rachel Gaines

GM all

It's a beautiful morning for the ospreys.

It looks like the female is on the nest, flapping her wings and chirping at the male.
Maybe she's saying, "Go get my breakfast".
Have a good day, osprey pair, and maybe give us some Easter eggs this week.

Have a blessed Easter, and happy osprey watching


What a pretty day. It looks like the entire bottom of the nest pan is now covered in nesting material, which should be quite an improvement over last year's nest. Seems to be bad news at the Alcoa Eagle nest today, hoping for some good news here at the osprey nest.


Both ospreys are in the nest at 1:55 Tuesday, and maybe it's my eyes, but it looks like she may be standing over an egg?
It's either an egg, or she's standing over a fish. A little hard to see with the pixelating (which I think is worse on windy days).


March 31/15 2:05EST, it appears the female is now brooding an egg, it became clear after the pixeling and she placed her feet around what appeared to be an egg before laying down


Yes, we definitely have an egg!


First egg...


Lynda in Michigan

I see an egg as arrived!!!


I enjoy watching this nest and check in several times daily..

And not to complain..however..it is very frustrating and annoying with the continuous "buffering/restreaming" and "pixelation" problems..

Can anything be done by "those in charge" to correct these issues?

Carol C

Will she be laying eggs soon? Seems like she should be.

Sad news at the Alcoa eagle cam. Liberty & Justice lost there egg today. No babies there this year. :( Carol

Carol C

YEA!! We have an egg!


It doesn't look like there is much of a nest bowl. The egg is sitting on top and Mrs. O seems to be off the egg more than on it. I sure hope she is going to take care of it properly.


Good night, thanks for the good news. I needed that after reading what happened at Alcoa's Eagle Nest.


Welp, I see the stork drop off an egg this morning.

Rachel Gaines

Congratulations to the Osprey pair;
but I'm so saddened by what happened at the Alcoa eagle nest.

It's a beautiful day for the Ospreys though.
Happy Osprey watching, everyone

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