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April 03, 2015


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Carol C

Thank You. I see she is sitting on them now.!!


Trying to be PATIENT..

It is..however..making me "dizzy" to watch ;)

Fred Collins

Well, the pixelation must be fixed. All the movement is at the nest and of the camera because of the wind, but I don't see any flashes. Good fix ALCOA!

Brenda Layberger, Badin NC

Now watching mama sitting on her 2 eggs, hope she lays another one...The camera issues seem to be fixed, viewing is excellent this morning....Badin, NC


Dad on the nest now. Camera is better; but not fixed yet. Happy Easter to everyone!

Rachel G

Congratulations, Osprey pair!
I'm so happy to see two eggs in the nest, especially today of all days!

It's a beautiful day!
A Happy and Blessed Easter everyone


Soooooo..do we have ONE egg or TWO??

With all the "technical issues" still ongoing I can't tell..


Haha! Eaglecam had geese in the nest. So funny.


Are there as many restrictions concerning osprey nest as eagle nest as far as replacing the camera

Brenda Layberger, Badin NC

She laid the second egg 4 days after first, I bet she has laid a third one since it is 5 days after 2nd.

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