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April 21, 2015


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Bobby Logan

Empty nest...


I am more concerned with lack of air flow than drainage and sagging. I have notice Alberta often panting heavily on relatively cool days (this was after all eggs were laid). I will have to trust that the nest will stay cool enough.

Carol C

When will the eggs hatch? I have lost track. Thanks Carol


All the times I check in, I never see the male at the nest. Has he been around?


The male has been around, I occasionally see him show up and give the female half a fish and take a quick turn at the incubating.


Thanks Kahryl for the update.

Robert Brown

The eggs typically hatch after about five weeks, so be on the lookout for the first Osprey chick to arrive in early to mid May.

Darlene Nichols

.........I must have missed something that involved choosing a name for the ospreys. Where did the name "Alberta" come from....?


I don't know if this question was asked before but is that background sound created by the dam equipment? It is extremely loud, but the osprey pair seem oblivious to it.


The noise probably comes from the influent piping going to the generators plus the noise from the generators. There is noise also from the water flood gates and sluice if they are open.


Darlene, the Alcoa Osprey facebook page named the pair Al and Alberta, after Alcoa.

Hope that link works. :-)


Thanks, Jim

Amazing how the noise doesn't affect the pair.

Darlene Nichols

....Marla....thanks for info.....that link did not work for me and I haven't found the page yet but I'll continue to try



Maybe this will work? It is the Alcoa Osprey Cam group


Is this noise going to be permanent? It wasn't there a few weeks ago..


Oscar brought a nice big fish for Oliveea's dinner. she took off with the fish and Oscar has babysitting duty.

I do not recall this sight being so noisy last year.


The noise will probably taper off later on in the season. There has been a lot of rain this spring and they are probably using all of their generating capacity. Look at the lake level now as it is at full pool and they are getting rid of water. Dryer times in the summer they will not be getting rid of so much water and it will be less noisy.


Yay, the noise is down for the time being. Maybe it is just rain-related.

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